What’s Happening In Crypto: You Can Now Talk To Satoshi Nakamoto

This week, coin prices took a small step back after the U.S. economy posted a strong jobs report 😮‍💨. But, while coin prices are a bit down, at least the Dollar is still doing well. No matter what the market does, Quidaxians are eating good! 😋

So, what were the biggest headlines for the week? Let’s check them out:

Your Chance To Talk To Satoshi 🤯

This week, a bunch of developers announced Talk2Satoshi – an AI bot that, according to them, takes users’ questions and answers them just like Satoshi Nakamoto would 🤔. 

Talk2Satoshi was developed based on the writings of the Bitcoin creator, and it’s entirely free 😀. No one still knows who the real Satoshi really is, so we can all only guess how well the bot mimics him. 

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A Major Presidential Endorsement 🚀

With the U.S. Presidential Elections coming up, more aspirants are doing their best to appeal to the crypto community 😎. Ron DeSantis is the latest in that field, and he promised to “protect Bitcoin” if he’s elected in 2024 👀. 

Ron is the current governor of Florida, and he is one of the favorites to win in 2024 🤩. At least we now know that if he gets to the White House, crypto should be fine. 

A Bitcoin Hater Is Dropping NFTs 🤣

If you ever needed more proof that crypto is going global, just take a look at this – Peter Schiff, a gold investor and huuuuuge Bitcoin hater, has announced that he is dropping an NFT collection 🙃. 

Peter has been a huge crypto and NFT hater since the market became mainstream 😤. And, the fact that he’s now launching an NFT collection – on the Bitcoin blockchain, no less – is pretty ironic, don’t you think? 

Japan’s CBDC Is Going Live  👏

After China has made massive progress with its CBDC, other countries are now moving in the same direction 🪙. The latest to toe that line is Japan, which confirmed this week that they had completed a second test of a “digital yen.” 

With the test’s success, Japan will now move forward with launching a pilot for the currency 😀 – although a full launch isn’t expected until about 2026. Baby steps, people.  

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