What’s Happening in Crypto: We’re Going to the World Cup!

It’s the first week anniversary of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, and what a week it’s been 😂. And since it’s November, all eyes are on Qatar for the World Cup – and you best believe the crypto space is getting ready 💪.

We’ve got all the tea for you about what’s been popping in the market over the past week, so buckle up! 

All Set for Qatar! ⚽

The World Cup kicks off on November 12, and NFTs are playing a huge part of it 🥳. This week, VISA signed a partnership to launch NFTs that will represent some of the most iconic footballers of all time.

We’re less than 10 days away from the FIFA World Cup, people! ⏰ And you know the crypto space is getting ready. Who you got this year? 🤔

Mint Your NFTs on the Gram 📸

So we all know that Meta (formerly Facebook) has been pushing hard into NFTs. This week, Meta said that they would make it easy for Instagram users to mint and sell NFTs right on the app 🤌. 

Even better, you can choose to sell your NFTs on or off Instagram. Meta might be struggling with their metaverse product, but their NFT work is killing it! 🚀

Elon Controls Twitter Now 😎

It’s been a week since Elon Musk formally took control of Twitter, and the bird app is already different. 

So far, Elon has been teasing something big coming for Twitter and crypto – especially Dogecoin (DOGE) 👀. There’s been nothing yet, but DOGE is still up by 68% in the past week 🤯.   

Ripple Keeps Gaining Support 🫂

Ripple’s CEO said this week that about 12 companies have indicated support for the company in its legal fight with the SEC 💪. The company has been doing pretty well with the case so far – probably why XRP is up by 7.43% in the past week 👏.  

When Ripple’s case with the SEC started, pretty much everyone in crypto backed off. But recently, things have pretty much turned around. How time flies, right? 😂 

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Another Lawsuit For Do Kwon 🙈 

Terra founder Do Kwon is still at large, but pretty much everyone’s chasing him 🏃. Authorities have been searching for him for months, and he’s got a new lawsuit to worry about. The new suit accuses Kwon of promoting Terra even while knowing it was a fraud. And, the plaintiffs are asking for $57 million in damages 😭.

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