What’s Happening In Crypto: We’re Back Above $30,000!

The second quarter of the year has finally come to an end 💃. And, just like the first quarter, we’re ending this one with an impressive bang! 💥 Bitcoin did big numbers over the past two weeks, and we’re looking forward to even more milestones. 

Maybe $50,000 in the next quarter? Who knows? Either way, this seems to be an exciting time for anyone to invest in crypto. NFA, though 🌚

Crypto Salaries Are On The Rise 👀

According to a new report, more people are choosing to take their salaries in cryptocurrencies 🤔. From athletes and celebrities to everyday people, crypto salaries are looking more attractive. 

The major reasons for this are the current economic challenges and concerns about currency values. People want to protect their money, and crypto is looking pretty strong right now 🙅‍♂️.  But, would you be collecting your salary in crypto?

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MicroStrategy Is Back With A Bang! 💪

It’s been a bit since we heard about MicroStrategy buying Bitcoin. Well, this week, they said, “Hold my beer.” 🍺 

The Virginia-based company announced on Wednesday that they had bought a further 12,333 BTC, worth $347 million 🤑. This means that MicroStrategy now has 152,333 BTC, worth about $4.56 billion. Whoa! 🤯

One Step Closer To Regulating Crypto 🇬🇧

Over in the United Kingdom, Parliament is one step closer to approving a new bill that will improve clarity on crypto regulations going forward 👏. 

The bill has been in play since July 2022, and it is now just one step away from becoming law 🤞. Experts believe that it will do a lot to increase crypto clarity and adoption, so fingers crossed. 

Europe’s Incoming CBDC 🤲

This week, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that it will be launching trials for a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) in 2024 😎. 

The tests will focus mostly on using blockchain to improve transaction settlement across Europe. And, that could include a potential “digital Euro.” Looks like the CBDC train isn’t stopping soon! 🚀

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