What’s Happening in Crypto: Solana is Cooking Something Big!

So the week isn’t ending on the note we expected 😫. Coin prices have tumbled again, and it’s looking like we could be in for a few more days of winter. 

But, remember that this too shall pass. And while most of the news from the market this week was gloomy, we had some bright spots 🌞. Let’s check them out.

Will 2023 Be Solana’s Year? 🤔

This week, Solana Labs had their Breakpoint Conference, where they unveiled everything they’ve been working on and will be releasing. And boy, did they say a lot! 😮‍💨

At Breakpoint, Solana Labs announced that they will be releasing their very own smartphone – Solana Saga – in early 2023 📱. They also announced that Google Cloud will be a validator on the Solana blockchain. 👍

There’s a lot cooking in the Solana ecosystem, people! 👏

About the Dollar 💵

The Naira/Dollar exchange rate went up over the past few weeks after Nigeria’s Central Bank announced that it would redesign the ₦200, ₦500, and ₦1,000 notes. But, with a massive supply of the Dollar this week, the exchange rate reduced 📉. 

Still, most experts believe that this reduction is only a short-term thing. The new Naira notes are entering the market in December, and this could fuel a massive demand for Dollars 🏃‍♀️. Want to protect your money? Open a USD Savings plan today and earn up to 10% annual interest paid in Dollars 🚀.

Messi Steps Into NFTs 🐐

Football fans stand up! The GOAT just became an NFT guru! ⚽

This week, Messi announced that he had become a global ambassador for Sorare – one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world 🤩. Sorare allows users to buy NFTs of some of their favorite sports stars. So, Messi joining as an ambassador and investor makes sense . 

Subway Accepts Bitcoin for Sandwiches 🥪

Subway, the world’s largest fast food franchise, is now accepting Bitcoin payments in three German stores 🇩🇪. 

The fast food restaurant will use the Lightning Network to provide quick and almost free payments for all customers at the selected locations ⚡. So, if you’re in Berlin and would like a sandwich, maybe hit up your nearest Subway and ask if they take Bitcoin. 

Where Will Bitcoin Be Next Year? 👀

Here’s a fun fact: Yesterday (Thursday, November 10th) marked the first-year anniversary of Bitcoin hitting its all-time high of $69,044 💥. 

Today, Bitcoin trades at $17,400 🙈. It’s lower than its all-time high, but it’s still higher than its price in November 2020 – the point where so many people rushed to buy Bitcoin, leading to the market rally of 2021 🐂. 

And between November 2020 and 2021, anyone who bought Bitcoin would have made over 300% gains 🤑. 

A lot of people buy Bitcoin so they can make gains in the future. And with Bitcoin in a dip right now, this might seem like a good time to buy 🙂. 

Disclaimer: All content in this article is general information and is not the opinion or perspective of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in the article is professional and/or financial advice. Evaluate all information properly before making decisions.


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