What’s Happening In Crypto: Ripple Won Its Case!

The big win for the market this week came for XRP 👏. After the judge in the Ripple Labs vs. SEC case ruled in Ripple’s favor, the coin rose as high as 65% on Thursday alone 🤯. 

But, XRP isn’t the only one riding high. The US government announced that inflation had dropped lower than expected in June, meaning that the Dollar is also riding a sweet high right now – it even went as high as 815 this week 👀. If you don’t have a Dollar Savings plan, this is a good time to open one! 😋

A Big Win For Ripple 💪

For over two years, Ripple labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been going back and forth over whether XRP is a security 😮‍💨. Well, on Thursday, the judge in the case ruled in Ripple’s favor! 😃

A few minutes after the news broke, XRP’s price rose from $0.45 to $0.61 😱. And, it’s just a case of how high its price can go. But, everyone’s so excited right now. We won, people! 

NFT Games Are Now On The Play Store 🎮

Android users, assemble! Last week, Google announced that it would now allow game publishers to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its Play Store 👏. 

Game developers will need to follow a few strict rules, but this is progress nonetheless 🙂. Soon enough, more gamers will be able to test NFTs as part of their overall gaming experience. 

Indonesia’s New Crypto Exchange 🇮🇩

On Thursday, the financial regulators in Indonesia confirmed that they will be moving ahead with plans to launch a national cryptocurrency exchange! 🥳

No one knows much about what the exchange will be like or the coins it’ll support, but reports have claimed that it could launch as early as this month 🏃🏻. Still, everyone’s interested in seeing how this one plays out. 

Bank Robberies In The Metaverse? 🤔

According to a new report, Bank of America is bringing the metaverse into its training methods for new employees 🏦. 

The bank apparently requires new hires to use VR headsets in their training, which range from things like angry customers to actual bank robberies 👀. And, when they’re less busy, customers can chill in the VR space too – ride unicorns, sit on an island, etc. 🏝️

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