What’s Happening In Crypto? Polygon Made Big Jumps

The week was relatively green for crypto prices ? – pretty normal, since coins have dipped for about two weeks now. We’re not calling it a bull market just yet, but at least we can feel a bit more comfortable with how this week ended ?. 

However, while coin prices were surging, some coins saw even bigger jumps than others . And MATIC, one of the most popular coins, made a huge comeback that has investors excited. 

Three Places Up! ?

After being ranked 15th on the crypto charts for a while, Polygon (MATIC) took a big leap and now sits at the 12th position ?. MATIC’s market cap jumped by 1.44% in the past week alone, and it currently sits at $7.73 billion. That was enough to jump over DAI (DAI), Shiba inu (SHIB), and Avalanche (AVAX) to become the 12th most valuable coin out there ✌️. 

All eyes will still be on coins like MATIC this month since Ethereum’s Merge could affect it. What would it mean for platforms like Polygon when the Ethereum blockchain eventually moves to proof-of-stake (PoS) ?. Share your thoughts and let’s know.  

More News From The Cryptoverse

Crypto’s Biggest Whale Is Back ?

Last week, MicroStrategy revealed in a filing that  it plans to sell up to $500 million in stock to purchase Bitcoin ?. The company already has over $2.8 billion in Bitcoin, but they think this is the time to buy the dip. 

After MicroStrategy fired Michael Saylor some weeks ago, many in the crypto space feared that the company could start selling off its billions in Bitcoin. But, it looks like the company isn’t going anywhere ?. 

Another Reason To Anticipate The Merge ?️

The Ethereum Merge is almost here! ? Everyone’s been anticipating the blockchain’s move to proof-of-stake (PoS), and investors are hoping that it will kickstart another bull run. 

Last week, we got yet another reason to be hyped about the Merge. According to Polygon, the Merge is expected to cut up to 99.9% of Ethereum’s carbon footprint . This means that the Ethereum blockchain will be more eco-friendly ?, and it will be even easier to mine ETH. 

Word on the street is that the Merge should happen this coming week ?. Anyone feeling excited about it? 

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  • FIFA has announced FIFA+ Collect – a platform where people will be able to get World Cup highlights as NFTs ⚽.  
  • Wednesday marked the first anniversary of El Salvador accepting Bitcoin as legal tender ?. How time flies! 

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