What’s Happening in Crypto? No One Can Hold XRP Back!

It was another pretty good week for the market, although coin prices dipped a bit around Wednesday 👏. But, surprisingly, XRP didn’t go with the flow – while other coins were dipping, XRP was on the rise! 🚀

Away from the market, everyone’s worried about inflation again 👀. But, you don’t have to be – with our Dollar Savings tool, you can save and earn up to 10% annually, paid in USD 💆‍♂️.

Ripple For The Win? 🤞

So, wait. What exactly happened to Ripple and XRP?  🤷‍♂️

Here’s the gist – last Monday, a judge ruled against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a case where it was trying to classify one cryptocurrency as a security 👩‍⚖️. And, if you remember, the SEC and Ripple have been arguing about XRP being a security for years. 

Although this ruling doesn’t affect XRP, many investors are hopeful that the XRP lawsuit will end similarly 🙏. Because of that, XRP’s price went up pretty much the entire week 😋.

Send USDT Via Chat 💬

Last week, Telegram added USDT to its @wallet bot. This means that Telegram users can now send each other USDT within chats – just as they’d send each other a “Hey.” 😀 

USDT is now joining Bitcoin and Toncoin (TON) in Telegram’s @wallet bot. Do they have plans to add any more coins? 🤔  Let’s kick back and find out!

NOTE: We recently relaunched our Quidax Global Community Telegram group after the old one went offline. It’s been popping so far, and there are a lot of awesome opportunities for members. 

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Nigerians are Using the eNaira 🇳🇬

Many people thought the eNaira was dead. But, looks like they were wrong! 😂 According to a report, Nigerians have made over $47 million in eNaira transactions this year alone 👏. 

Nigerians are using the eNaira more because of a shortage of cash after the government released redesigned notes.🤨 But, now that cash is slowly becoming available, do you think the eNaira adoption will continue? 

Do Kwon Behind Bars ⛓️

Almost a year after the Terra ecosystem collapsed, the company’s CEO Do Kwon has finally been arrested 😤. 

Kwon was reportedly arrested in Montenegro last Monday along with one of his associates. Now, he’s expected to face several charges, both in the United States and in South Korea 😱. Yikes! 

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