What’s Happening In Crypto: New Lawsuits, But Coin Prices Remain Firm

This week, regulators once again took aim at the crypto industry with fresh lawsuits 👨‍⚖️. But, unlike in the past, coin prices barely shook, and investors remain confident in the market. 

What’s up with the regulators again? 🤔Find out everything you need to know below: 

The SEC’s Actions Aren’t Affecting Prices 😤

So this week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to press charges against several large crypto companies 😮‍💨. 

The news immediately sent a huge wave to the market that affected prices 📉. But, the drop only lasted a few days, and coin prices are starting to rebound. Great to see that investors are ignoring the FUD! 💪

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Nike NFTs Are Coming To Video Games 🎮

The NFT market is coming back alive, people! And this week, Nike announced that it would be adding its NFTs to video games 👏. 

This basically means that things like NFT boots and sneakers could soon be available in games like FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K 🏀. If you’re a sports and NFT fan, this is absolutely cool! 

Crypto Ownership In The UK Is On The Rise 🚀

In even more awesome adoption news, regulators in the United Kingdom revealed this week that crypto ownership within the region has more than doubled in the past year! 🤩

Considering that more people are using crypto, regulators are taking the subject of developing crypto laws seriously 👀. Fingers crossed, everyone – let’s see what they’re cooking 🤞.

Hackers, Is That You? 🙈

We reported last week that crypto hacks had dropped in the past year. But, while everyone celebrated, we got news that a popular wallet service got hacked to the tune of $35 million 😫. 

No one knows who’s behind the hack yet, but investigations are ongoing. Remember – Quidax will always take your security seriously 🔐; but, you’ve got to be vigilant as well. 

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