What’s Happening in Crypto: It’s Bitcoin’s Birthday!

It’s a special day today, people. Bitcoin is officially 14 years old! 🎉

14 years ago today, the official whiteaper for Bitcoin was published. Our baby Bitcoin is growing, and we couldn’t be prouder 🙂. While our fingers remain crossed for price gains, let’s check out some of the biggest news from the week. 

Elon’s Twitter Deal is Complete 🐦

It’s been a long time coming, but Elon Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter has finally gone through 👏. The Dogefather is now Twitter’s landlord, and he even changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit” in celebration of that 🤣. 

As always, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has risen sharply since the Twitter news broke. In the past week, DOGE is up by 42.16%! 🤯 DOGE investors believe that Elon has big plans for the coin now that he owns Twitter – let’s wait and see what the Dogefather has in store.

The U.K’s New Prime Minister Loves Crypto 👀

Last week, Liz Truss resigned as the Prime Minister of Britain. Truss has now been replaced by Rishi Sunak – the former British Finance Minister 🤑. 

We did some digging, and we found that Sunak is pretty cool with crypto. He even minted NFTs this year 👏, and he’s said he wants to make the U.K a global cryptocurrency hub. We’re pretty optimistic about this, but fingers crossed 🤞.  

Meta Isn’t Slowing Down 💪

This week, Meta (formerly Facebook) confirmed that its metaverse division lost $3.67 billion in 2022’s third quarter 🙈. But, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t letting the losses get to him 😤. 

Zuck said that Meta still wants to be the biggest metaverse platform, and they understand that it’s a huge one. So, it’s full steam ahead! 🚅

You can check out what Meta has been working on here.  

Big Players Still Love Crypto 😍

A new report showed that even with the market downturn, institutions – basically, big companies – still want to buy crypto 😋. As it shows, 58% of surveyed institutions bought crypto in 2022, and 74% plan to still buy more. 

Institutions are a major part of the market because they buy large amounts of crypto which can move prices up, down or sideways 📈. If they’re still in the market, then it’s a good sign for sure.

What Will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2032? 🤔

Here’s another history lesson for you – if you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin 10 years ago, you’d have over $1.5 million today! 💰 

It’s especially interesting since today (October 28th) makes it 14 years since Bitcoin’s whitepaper was released 🥳. While many people invest in crypto to make quick money, the best investors remember that crypto is a long game 🏃. 

And if you’d like to learn more about Bitcoin and other coins, remember to check the Quidax Crypto Academy 📚. 

Disclaimer: All content in this article is for general information and should not be taken as financial advice. Please review all information before making any financial or investment decisions.


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