What’s Happening In Crypto: It’s All About Ethereum

If you’re an Ethereum investor, then it’s safe to say you’re pretty excited about the coin and how it’s been moving ?. And this week, a batch of fresh updates from the Ethereum blockchain sent ETH on a rocket ship to the moon! ?

Elsewhere, many in the market believe that we could be getting close to the end of this bearish cycle. But are we really? ?

Next Stop, Mainnet! ?

So for the past few weeks, everyone’s been talking about Ethereum 2.0 and the upgrade coming to the Ethereum blockchain ?️. This week, the blockchain made another important move towards its full transition. 

Several Ethereum developers confirmed on Thursday that the Ethereum blockchain had successfully launched the Goerli testnet ?. We won’t get into all the details, but Goerli is basically the final step before Ethereum 2.0 goes fully live. And it was a success!

Ethereum devs believe the full merge will happen by September 19. It’s only a little over a month, guys – set your calendars and let’s see what happens! ?

To The Moon! ?

After Goerli went live, Ethereum’s price skyrocketed. On Thursday, it even got as high as $1,900! ?

In the past week, Ethereum’s price has risen by 13.52% ?. And all of this is before Ethereum 2.0 even launches. Is a bull run incoming? It sure looks like it. 

NFA though ?.

Everyone’s Welcome To Polygon ?

Away from Ethereum, there are also updates from the Polygon network. On Wednesday, Polygon announced that there are now over 37,000 decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the platform. 

The number of dApps on Polygon is four times the number they had at the start of the year. Look at our baby Polygon growing up. 

Isn’t it cute? 

Back To The Good Old Days? 

So for the past few months, the entire market has been dealing with a bear run. Coin prices have dropped, and a lot of investors are pretty scared. 

But, check this out – did you know that the entire crypto market cap is just a bit off from what it was last year? 

Right now, the crypto market cap is $1.08 billion. Last year, when coins were going up, the market cap was $1.85 billion. And two years ago, it was about $356 billion. 

Just imagine what the market would look like when coins get back to last year’s levels. Exciting times ahead, people! 

Noteworthy News You Might Have Missed

  • A report showed that Nigeria has been the most crypto-obsessed country since April’s market crash. 

Fundraising in the crypto market hit $30 billion in the first half of the year alone – already more than all of 2021.


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