What’s Happening in Crypto? It Was the Best Week in Months!

You would think that with everything going on right now, the market would be down and feeling gloomy 😂. All of a sudden, boom! Crypto had its best week in a very long time and coin prices literally went to the moon! 💥 

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Why Did Markets Go Up? 📈

The market broke its two-week losing streak with huge gains this week mainly because of the current banking crisis 👏. 

After two major tech-focused banks shut down last week, coin prices dropped 💨. However, the U.S government announced over the weekend that it would rescue both banks and protect their customers 😮‍💨. The market reacted well to this news, with crypto prices rising almost throughout the week. 

Bitcoin went as high as $26,700 🤯. While its price has cooled, investors are still excited. Could we be seeing $30,000 soon?  

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Meta Pauses All NFT Features 😔

Just 10 months after launching them, Meta (formerly Facebook) has said that it will shut down NFT features on Instagram and Facebook ⏸️. 

Meta explained that they want to provide new ways to support creators. They mentioned that they are working on bringing crypto support to their payment service, called MetaPay 🤔. So, that’s something to look out for. 

All About USDC ⭕

The past week was a rollercoaster for USDC – one of the most popular stablecoins. The coin lost its $1 value after one of its developers revealed that they held money with Silicon Valley Bank – the tech-focused bank that shut down last week 🙈. 

USDC has since regained its $1 value, and you can read all about it here 👈. 

Cars in the Metaverse? 🚗

This week, car maker Nissan filed different trademarks for cars, cloths, and other materials that it wants to create within the metaverse too 🌐. 

We reported last week that a startup wants to help people raise plants in the metaverse 🌴. What other everyday item do you think is coming to the metaverse next? 


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