What’s Happening In Crypto: Is The Metaverse Hype Dead?

We’re entering into the season of love, and you can just see everyone scrambling to find what they can give their special people 😍. 

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Microsoft Gives Up On The Metaverse – For Now 🙄

This week, Microsoft shut down its industrial metaverse team 🙈. The team was in charge of most of Microsoft’s major metaverse products, but it looks like the company isn’t going to be focusing much on the metaverse anymore. 

Considering how the tech space has looked recently, this is not surprising. Thankfully, companies like Meta are still working heavily on building a major metaverse product 💪.

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Some Crypto Traders Are Getting Addicted 👀

According to a BBC report, a rehab center in Spain recently launched a new service to treat people with a new addiction – crypto trading 📊. The service includes yoga, therapy, and massages, and it will cost $75,000 for four weeks 🤑.

Considering how profitable the crypto market can be, it’s easy to see how many people can get addicted to trading crypto. But, remember to take things slowly and trade responsibly! 🤌

Welcome Back, Big Money! 😍

Institutional investors are those with large amounts of money who can move the market. And last week, they invested over $117 million into crypto – the highest in 7 months! 🚀

Even though the market didn’t make us happy last week, the fact that institutional money is entering the market again is definitely a great sign 👏. Bull market soon?

Brazilians Can Pay Taxes in Crypto 🇧🇷

Last week, Banco do Brasil, one of the biggest banks in Brazil, announced that it would let its customers pay their taxes in crypto 🤩.

It’s the latest pro-crypto move from Brazil – a country that’s getting more friendly with the crypto space 💪. One country down, another to go!  


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