What’s Happening In Crypto: Is Bitcoin Safer Than The Dollar?

This week, we saw some movement in the market as coins started to bounce back 💪. But, the biggest mover was USDT. As inflation starts to ease again, looks like USDT and USD are rolling in green 💰. 

If you’ve got money in a Dollar Savings plan, give yourself a pat on the back. Looks like we’re smiling to the bank this weekend! 😋

But, even though the Dollar is looking stronger, it looks like Bitcoin is still hot on many investors’ minds 🤔. Let’s find out why:

Some Americans Prefer Bitcoin To The Dollar 🇺🇸

According to a recent survey, more investors are starting to prefer Bitcoin to the Dollar 👀. As the American government battles a possible debt crisis, investors are now running to assets like Bitcoin to protect themselves 🏃.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this. Whether you’d like to save in Dollars or buy Bitcoin, Quidax has you covered ✌️.

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A TV That Trades NFTs 📺 

Ok, you’ve heard about smart TVs, right? Well, what do you think about a TV that helps you to trade NFTs? 🤯  

This week, LG Electronics filed a patent for a blockchain-based smart TV that would also allow users to trade NFTs. The TV set is expected to be connected to users’ crypto wallets, making it easy for them to buy and sell the NFT 🤌. It’s not out yet, though, so fingers crossed. 

Axie Infinity Is Now On the App Store 👏

This week, Sky Mavis – the developers of Axie Infinity – launched a version of the game on the Apple App Store 🎮. It’ll allow users to transfer NFTs into the game, although the characters themselves won’t be NFTs. 

The game will be available in Latin American and Asian markets for now, but Sky Mavis plans to roll it out for other countries soon 👍.  

Even the Secret Service Loves Crypto 🕴️

Recently, a representative of the U.S. Secret Service – those guys in black that protect the President and government officials – confirmed that even they have crypto as well 😀. 

The revelation just shows how crazy crypto adoption is. But, what do you think those guys actually use crypto for? 

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