What’s Happening in Crypto: Dollar Bills Everywhere

This week was a pretty rough one for the crypto market ?‍?. Coin prices started the week trading down, and while there was some relief on Monday and Tuesday, it didn’t last long. 

With Bitcoin trading below $20,000 again, a lot of investors might be buying dollars and USDT. But others could see this as a good time to buy Bitcoin at a low price.

Why are People Choosing the Dollar? ?

Bitcoin has always been seen by many as a way to protect investors from the dollar’s inflation. But the dollar has been performing well against many popular currencies like the British Pound. 

So, the dollar is flexing its muscles ?. This means that many investors are buying dollars and are leaving Bitcoin for now. But, with inflation still an issue around the world and crypto adoption growing, Bitcoin will be back! ? On the flip side, it’s a great time to save in US Dollars.

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More News From the Cryptoverse 

The Black Stars Are Coming ??

A new report from Chainalysis shows that there’s a new kid on the crypto block – Ghana! ?

According to the report, crypto trading volumes in Ghana have jumped by 400% in the past two years ?. Even better, many other African countries are expected to increase their crypto adoption in the coming years. 

Africa to the world! ?

Will Dogecoin Follow Ethereum? ?️

After the Ethereum blockchain completed its move from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-sake (PoS), its creator Vitalik Buterin believes that Dogecoin could follow. 

Recently, Buterin explained that the Dogecoin blockchain could also move to PoS. He has been building some PoS features for Dogecoin for a while now – does he know something we don’t? ?‍♂️ Will Dogecoin get its own Merge? Who knows?

Stuff You Might Have Missed

  • Mastercard launched customizable NFT debit cards this week ?. So, people with NFTs from select collections can add their tokens to their cards. 
  • Walmart has become the latest big company to enter the metaverse ?. Who’s next? 
  • FUN FACT: Satoshi Nakamoto’s first statue was unveiled in Hungary this week ?. 

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