What’s Happening in Crypto? Crypto is For Women Too!

Even though the market was down for a second week running, it was still a pretty interesting one 🙈. We celebrated International Womens’ Day across the world 👸, and we’d like to give a special shoutout to the women who make the crypto space rock. You guys are the best! 🥰

Plus, we just made a major upgrade to our Dollar Savings tool 👀. We won’t spill the beans right now, but watch this space. 

Bringing More Women Into Crypto 👩

In honor of International Womens’ Day, several women have shared ideas on how best to bring more ladies into the crypto space 🫂. 

Some of the ideas include educating more women and even encouraging them to work at companies where crypto is being used. What ideas do you think you could share? 🤔 Tweet at us! 

NOTE: We recently relaunched our Quidax Global Community Telegram group after the old one went offline. It’s been popping so far, and there are a lot of awesome opportunities for members. 

We’d really love for every Quidaxian back in the group, so please join in here

A Bitcoin-Based Stablecoin? 👀

Stablecoins are pretty popular. Their values are based on real fiat currencies, so they’re not volatile 💪. But, what happens if a stablecoin is based on Bitcoin’s price?

This week, a crypto CEO proposed launching a Satoshi Nakamoto Dollar – a stablecoin whose value will track that of Bitcoin but still remain tied to the dollar 💰. We won’t go into all the details, but you can check out the proposal here.

Another Blow to the eNaira 🙈

This week, Nigeria’s Supreme Court struck down the ongoing redesign of the Naira and ordered that the Central Bank should instead redistribute the old banknotes ✅. 

The Central Bank was hoping to use this redesign to boost adoption of the eNaira 🤩. But, the Supreme Court ruling can’t be good for the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

But wait. Have you actually used the eNaira since it was launched? 🤔

Making a Green Metaverse ♻️

This week, a new project launched that aims to make the metaverse greener and more sustainable 🌳. The project hopes to allow people to plant NFT flowers in the metaverse, thus preventing climate change.

The metaverse is an entirely digital concept, so it’s surprising that some people are thinking of climate change there 😂. But, hey; let’s see what these guys are cooking.  

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