What’s Happening in Crypto: Checking in On Ripple

It’s still the work-ish part of December, and everyone’s started to take stock of the year one after the other 📝. But, the market doesn’t sleep – even during the Holidays. 

So, what did crypto do this week? LET’S SEE THE BIGGEST MARKET HEADLINES 👀. 

Ripple’s Case is Almost Done 💪

Last week, Ripple Labs filed the final submission in its case against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 👀. The company has been fighting this case for two years now, and these submissions show that the case could be coming to an end 😮‍💨. 

A federal lawyer has said the judgment in the case should come by March 2023. Fingers crossed, people – let’s see how this one goes 🤞. 

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Everyone Loves the Metaverse 🌐

The Oxford University Press revealed its words of the year for 2022, and “metaverse” came in second 🥈. 

The University Press claimed that the use of the word increased by four times this year alone 🤯. Even with the bear market, everyone – from your next-door neighbor to Facebook – is still interested in the metaverse. That’s a space to watch. 

Twitter Coin on the Way? 🐦

A security researcher recently found code on Twitter’s website that showed a possible “Twitter Coin 😳.” She explained that nothing has been launched yet, but Twitter could really be working on their own coin.

We reported last week that Elon Musk had unveiled his plans and didn’t mention Dogecoin (DOGE). Maybe that’s because they’ve got their cryptocurrency on the way 🤷‍♂️.   

Goldman Sachs is Going (Crypto) Shopping 🛒

Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest banks in the world 🏢. And with the crypto market currently in a downturn, a lot of companies in the industry have been affected. So, Goldman is looking to buy some crypto companies 👀.

As one of the most respected names in global finance, Goldman has been warming up to crypto for years now. Who do you think they’ll acquire first? 🤔

A Reminder to Stay Safe 🔐

The Holidays are fast approaching, and a new crypto-focused hack is making the rounds 🙈. This time, a hacker group is targeting crypto funds on Telegram. 

You can learn more about the hack here. Guys, let’s remember to stay very safe 👏. 

Disclaimer: All content in this article is general information and is not the opinion or perspective of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in the article is professional and/or financial advice. Evaluate all information properly before making decisions.


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