What’s Happening In Crypto: Nigeria Has A New Blockchain Policy!

Despite a relatively silent week, crypto gave us some big wins. More Millennials are buying crypto because of recent price gains 👏, and the Nigerian government just gave us a new development that will excite blockchain developers everywhere 🥳. 

Also, remember when we were all concerned about MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin bet? Well, it looks like they got the last laugh. A lot of companies might want to buy Bitcoin and add it to their balance sheet soon.

Nigeria’s New Blockchain Bill 🇳🇬

This week, Nigeria’s government finally legalized the use of blockchain technology in the country! 🎉

The move was mostly because the government is trying to use blockchain to improve different parts of the economy – from tech to finance and much more 💪. While the government is still working on developing crypto laws, we’ll definitely take this one as a win!

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MicroStrategy Won Big From Bitcoin 🚀

This week, MicroStrategy reported that it had made a profit for the first time in almost two years 📈. The profits came primarily from Bitcoin’s impressive 70% rise in the first quarter of 2023, and MicroStrategy is now betting on another big quarter to come 👏. 

MicroStrategy’s win is an important lesson – when it comes to crypto, playing the long game is always the best way to go 💎. 

Millennials Are Jumping On The Crypto Bandwagon 👀

According to a new report, 46% of Millennials across several major economies now own cryptocurrencies 🤯. That’s a huge number, people!  

Considering that Millennials are going to be the majority of the population in a few years, this is good news for the future of the industry 👍. Here’s your regular reminder that crypto is still in its early days! 

Another Crypto-Friendly Presidential Candidate 🇺🇸

The U.S. Elections are around the corner (literally next year! 😱) and candidates are already showing out. 

One candidate that seems particularly pro-crypto is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, and last week, he shared a tweet where he praised Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ​​🤔. Does he have what it takes to get to the White House? Let’s find out. 

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