What’s Happening in Crypto: Bitcoin Millionaires Are Increasing!

Bitcoin has created thousands of millionaires since it launched and blew up 💸. So far, there are over 67,000 wallets with over $1 million worth of Bitcoin. And, many people actually became millionaires after BTC crossed $20,000 👀. 

How many millionaires do you think will be added by the time Bitcoin crosses $30,000 again? Or $40,000? Or $100,000 🤯. Looks like we’re still in early days, people! 

Meet Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky 👋

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder and former CEO, has launched his new social media platform, Bluesky. The app hit the Apple Store this week, although it looks quite a lot like Twitter 🙈. 

When Jack left Twitter in 2021, many of us thought he’d stay away from the social media space🚶. But, he’s been building Blusky for a few years now. Let’s see if people love it as much as Twitter.

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Ethereum’s Going to Shanghai ⚒️

It’s March, and Ethereum developers are already getting hyped for the upcoming Shanghai upgrade 🥳.

The upgrade will allow all ETH investors who staked it before The Merge to finally withdraw their coins ✅. It’s a pretty big deal, and it’s scheduled to happen in the middle of the month. Keep an eye out, people!  

Australia’s CBDC is Coming! 🇦🇺

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are in the news again! This time, it’s Australia’s turn to get on the bandwagon 🎉. 

On Tuesday, Australia’s central bank confirmed that they will launch a CBDC in the coming months. They want to run tests first, but it looks like we’re getting a digital Australian dollar this year! 💪

Crypto’s Role in the Ukraine Conflict 😀

Last week marked the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦. And while we’re all hoping for a peaceful solution to the conflict, crypto heads have not been on the sidelines. 

According to a report, over $70 million in crypto has been sent to Ukraine to assist them in this conflict 👏. Once again, it’s great to see crypto being used as a force for good!

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