What’s Happening in Crypto: Bitcoin is Still Doing Numbers!

Ok, so the market was pretty boring this week ?. And since coin prices didn’t jump like they used to, it’s easy to think that the cryptoverse was just a dud. 

But, Bitcoin actually crossed an important milestone this week ?. If you’ve got Bitcoin haters around you, then you probably want to show them this report ?. 

Trillion With a “T”?

Even with the market downturn, it’s pretty cool to see that Bitcoin adoption has continued to grow. And this week, a researcher confirmed that Bitcoin has processed over $100 TRILLION in transactions since it was launched! ?

The metric showed all-time transactions – including Bitcoin transfers between wallets owned by the same person ?. If you filter it out to only consider actual transactions between two people, then Bitcoin’s total transaction count is closer to about $7.3 trillion. Still, though; for an asset that is less than 15 years old, this is huge! ?

Now, all that’s left is for this bear market to blow over, and one can only tell where we’ll be headed in a couple of years. 

More News From The Cryptoverse

Bored Apes Just Got Sweeter! ?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is probably the most popular NFT collection. In the past year, several big celebrities – including Neymar, Eminem, and Justin Bieber – have all copped a Bored Ape, and these NFTs sell for over $400,000 a pop! ?

Now, the latest big name to catch Bored Ape fever is M&Ms. This week, the makers of the popular M&M chocolates launched a new line of Bored Ape-inspired candy ?. These Bored Apes will (literally) melt in your mouth! 

Coolest Award Show Ever ?

This year, MTV is taking a bold new direction for its Video Music Awards (VMAs). It’s adding a new category called the “Best Metaverse Performance.” ?

The category will be sponsored by the Roblox metaverse game, and it will honor the best metaverse-themed video throughout the year. Nominees for this year include Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and BTS. Who you got?  ?

Noteworthy News You Might Have Missed

  • Nike has earned over $185 million from NFT sales ? – more than any other brand 
  • Cardano’s developers claimed that the blockchain’s Vasil hard fork is “closer than ever.” ⏰
  • A new report shows that over $100 million worth of NFTs has been stolen this year ?. Let’s remember to stay safe, people!

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