What’s Happening in Crypto: Another Week, Another Record

It was another pretty chill week for the crypto market – even though coin prices didn’t really go up. 

But, even the chillest weeks still have some big news to make investors happy. Let’s check out the biggest headlines from the past week in the market. 

Bitcoin, the Record Breaker 

This week, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Bitcoin as the “world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency.” 

It’s a pretty sweet achievement, although it’s quite obvious as well. We all know Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, don’t we? Maybe Guinness can recognize QDX as Africa’s first exchange toke – I’m just saying  

Tesla is HODLing!

This week, Tesla shared its earnings report for the third quarter of the year. And in it, they confirmed that they’ve not sold a single Bitcoin over the past few months. 

Tesla sold off 75% of its total BTC in the second quarter, but they still have 10,000 BTC left. That’s still about $190 million in Bitcoin! Even though the market’s been a bit shaky recently, it’s good to see that these guys have diamond hands. 

Work in the Metaverse 

Meta (formerly Facebook) is stepping up its metaverse game big time! This week, they partnered with Microsoft to bring Microsoft Teams and Office 365 products right into Meta’s virtual reality world. 

This means that products like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will all be available in Meta’s upcoming metaverse platform. Looks like the future of work is here, people! 

Is Crypto Coming to Walmart? 

Last week,Walmart’s technology chief called crypto “an important part of how customers transact.” He didn’t say anything about Walmart accepting crypto yet, but we never know. 

Walmart has been rumored to be working on accepting crypto for a while now. Since Google began accepting crypto last week, it won’t be such a surprise if Walmart did the same thing. 

It’s Still Early Days! 

Here’s a fun fact; did you know that less than 5% of the world’s population currently holds crypto? 

Cryptocurrencies have been around for 14 years, but we’re still just scratching the surface when it comes to global adoption. So, if you think you’re already late to the crypto train, guess again! It’s just Day 1! 

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