What’s Going on in Crypto: Will Ethereum’s Price Explode?

It was another mixed week for the market. While things started hot and coins were on a roll, the hype cooled down towards the end of the week – typical roller coaster, right? ?

But, while most coins are feeling the blues, a lot of exciting stuff is still happening in the market. Many of our favorite coins are getting upgrades this month ?️ – care to guess which ones? ?

The Merge Is A Go! ?

The biggest update to the market comes in the form of the Ethereum Merge! After years of work and multiple delays, the Merge finally happened on Thursday ?. This means that the Ethereum blockchain has now fully moved to proof-of-stake (PoS). 

Everyone’s excited about the Merge and its effects on the Ethereum blockchain. Developers have been talking about how the blockchain will be faster and more functional ⚡. But, most investors care about the gains! (someone, play “Mr. Money With The Vibe” by Asake ?)

So far, the ETH price hasn’t jumped so much since the Merge. However, in the long term, we’re all pretty hyped about the gains that could be coming ?. The question is: are you ready too? 

Want to know more about the Merge? We’ve got you covered! ? Check out our blog post about the event and what it could mean for Ethereum’s future here!

More News From The Cryptoverse

Cardano Is Switching It Up ?

Thought Ethereum was the only blockchain getting ready to get better? ? Well, guess again!

Last week, the developers of the Cardano blockchain announced that they are set for the blockchain’s latest hard fork – Vasil. 

Vasil was set to go live in July, but it was delayed for technical reasons ⏰. The upgrade is expected to reduce transaction costs and improve speed on the blockchain. It’s all set for September 22 for now, and investors think it could be additional juice for Cardano’s price. Remember, you can always buy Cardano on Quidax. Not financial advice ?. 

More Money Could Flow Into Bitcoin Soon ?

Last week, we reported that MicroStrategy wants to sell $500 million in stocks and use some  of the funds to buy Bitcoin ?. This week, Fidelity Investments, also made a similar move. 

Fidelity manages over $4 trillion in assets ?. According to reports, the company is planning to offer crypto investments to its customers, so they can easily invest. Boy, we can’t wait for that bull run to hit!  ?

Other Stuff You Might Have Missed

  • Now that ETH has switched to PoS, Dogecoin is now the second-largest Proof-of-Work (PoW) coin – behind only Bitcoin ?. 
  • South Korean authorities have ordered the arrest of Do Kwon ?. Looks like the whole Terra and LUNA saga isn’t done yet. 
  • Nayibb Bukele, the President of El Salvador, plans to run for re-election next year ?‍?. The Bitcoin experiment continues!

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