What’s Going On In Crypto: Bitcoin Just Hit $30,000!

Remember when we were asking for an Easter miracle for Bitcoin? Well, we finally got one!​​ 😀 This week, Bitcoin hit $30,000 for the first time since June! 🚀 

We’re not going to get greedy yet 🤫, but a jump to $40,000 in the coming weeks will definitely not be bad. Still, we can enjoy this week’s gains . We’ve earned them, right?   

Bitcoin Finally Hit $30k!​​ 🤩

After a sweet first quarter, it looks like Bitcoin isn’t done just yet 💪. This week, the coin’s price hit $30,000 – marking the first time it would hit that point since last June! 👏

With a new high for 2023, it looks like the market is really getting back. Now, let’s see just how much BTC’s price can rise in the second quarter of the year​​ 🤞. Don’t forget to set up a price alert in your Quidax app and watch with us ⚠️.

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Shiba Inu’s Metaverse is Almost Here! ​​🌐

While we were all focusing on Bitcoin’s price this week, it wasn’t the only one making some major moves. The developers of Shiba inu confirmed that they would launch SHIB: The Metaverse by the end of the year 👀. 

SHIB: The Metaverse will feature land slots, games, and different opportunities for players to make money. December might seem far right now, but with the way the year’s been going, blink twice and it’ll be here 😂. As customers who buy SHIB on Quidax will tell you, news like this really important because it shows that the Shiba Inu community is growing and building 💪. 

Solana’s Smartphone Launches This Week 📱

Early on Friday, Solana Labs launched the Solana Saga – a Web3 Android phone that is expected to make crypto products more accessible to people 🤔. 

The Solana Saga costs $1,000, and the reviews don’t look so bad 👀. Would you be switching your phone anytime soon? 

NFT Owners Are Buying In Bulk 🤝🏻

According to a new report, about 25% of NFT holders are “avid collectors” who own at least 51 NFTs 🤯. The report adds that a lot of people can’t seem to stop buying NFTs once they get their first one – wow, talk about an addiction 😂. 

Now that the crypto market is starting to bounce back, it’s looking like NFT fans are flooding the market, too 🏃‍♀️. It’s only up from here, people! 

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