What’s Going on in Crypto? All Eyes on XRP

It wasn’t the best week for the market ?‍?. After inflation in the US was reported to be even higher than expected, coin prices dropped significantly. 

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Is the Ripple Saga Over? ?

For almost two years now, Ripple Labs – the company that created XRP – has been battling the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court ?‍⚖️. The SEC wants to call XRP a security, but Ripple Labs hasn’t backed down. 

Last week, Ripple and the SEC filed with the court for a summary judgment ?. This is when both parties in a case believe that the case can be judged without going to court. No one knows how this case will end, but we could see a conclusion soon. What do you think?  

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More News From the Cryptoverse

LUNA’s Do Kwon Isn’t Playing Around ? 

In a series of tweets, Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra ecosystem and LUNA coin stated that he isn’t on the run. This came after South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant against him ?. He still hasn’t told anyone where he is. 

If you don’t know the full LUNA gist, check out our UST and LUNA Crash explainer

It’s All About Cardano ?

After several months of delays, the Cardano blockchain’s Vasil hard fork finally went live on Thursday! ?️ 

Thanks to Vasil, transactions on the Cardano blockchain are expected to be faster and cheaper ⚡. Cardano’s developers want the blockchain and price of Cardano (ADA) to be better.

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Stuff You Might Have Missed

  • MicroStrategy now holds 130,000 BTC ?. These guys can’t stop!
  • The Solana network has now processed over 100 billion transactions ?. To the moooooon! 
  • DID YOU KNOW: There’s only about 1.8 million BTC left to be mined! ?

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