Weekly Cryptocurrency News Roundup – 29th April

How much do you care about history? A bit over 2 weeks ago, the close to the 900-year-old cathedral in Notre Dame caught fire. That’s a piece of history which has survived close to a millennial. By anyone’s books that is old. Monuments like that tell a story of what we as humans have achieved and evolved over time. This matters because years down the line when cryptocurrency becomes widely acceptable it wouldn’t be ‘why cryptocurrency?’ it would be a question of ‘why did it take so long’.

If you would like to contribute to rebuilding the cathedral, there are plans to accept contributions in cryptocurrency.

As an aside, have you seen the trick with the gauntlet from Google? Google “Thanos” and click on the gauntlet, then see what happens. On another note, we hear that no Nigerian cinemas accept cryptocurrency yet, boy do we have exciting plans.

Let’s go into news from last week:

Cryptokicks, anyone?

Nike has submitted plans to provide a digital currency for use by members of an online community and enabling transactions to be completed using “unconventional currency systems. As part of its plans seeks to reserve the name ‘Cryptokicks.’

Race to the bond

The race to launch the first cryptocurrency sovereign bond appears to a two-horse race between Afganistan and Tunisia. A sovereign crypto bond will enable governments to leverage blockchain technology as an instrument to raise private-sector investment. Such news is music to our ears for it has the potential of opening the floodgates of adoption.

Blockchain Spending

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the U.S. federal government spending on Blockchain is expected to increase by more than 1,000% by 2022. That’s $123.5 million! The forecast was made in a report from IDC Government Insights.

The onrush of the stable

Wirex, a cryptocurrency payment processor based in the United Kingdom is set to launch 26 stable coins in partnership with Stellar. The stable coins will be pegged to fiat currencies United States Dollar (USD), EURO (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and Singapore (SGD). Wirex is looking to provide more variety as most stable coins are currently pegged to USD.

Unhappy Bitcoin

If rap is your thing and you are a fan of American rapper, Lil Pump, you can now use Bitcoin to pay for items from his merchandise store, Unhappy. You can choose to pay either off-chain via a BTC Lightning Network wallet or on-chain through a standard bitcoin wallet.


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