Weekly Cryptocurrency Bytes – 4th August

How well would you sleep at night if Blockchain was used for cybersecurity? One government is taking a look and it does promise some excitement.

Talking about sleeping in the night, gone are Blockchain payments being dreams now its a $1 million a month reality.

Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain is coming to cybersecurity by no other than the US of A. The US Department of Defence is exploring possibilities for the use of blockchain technology in one of the most fundamental fields, security.

Some experiments would be carried out by the United States Department of Defence (DoD) as a part of its four-year-road-plan digital modernization strategy for a blockchain solution to be used in cybersecurity.

Level Unlocked for Blockchain Payments

With more adoptions of the blockchain payment system, the use of blockchain system for payments is entering a new level. 

S7 Airlines in partnership with Russian based Alfa-Bank processed over $1 million in July alone via the blockchain platform

Walmart Crypto

The number of big-name companies entering the race to own their cryptocurrency has an increase. Retail behemoth Walmart filed a patent for a stable coin, that would be backed to the US dollar.

Get this: Walmart had tried to get a banking licence in the US before but that fell through. Looks they see cryptocurrency as the way to achieve it. With over 4,769 stores in the US alone, it definitely looks like it.

Cryptocurrency Mastercard

Nexo, an instant crypto loans firm has launched a cryptocurrency credit card branded by MasterCard.

The card which is a supposed world wide first will enable users to spend the value of their cryptocurrency holding without actually spending their cryptocurrency.  Slightly confusing? Here are the details to clear the confusion.

Bitcoin Revenue Double for Square

Merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company Square, in a Q2 shareholders letter released on August 1, revealed that they had generated $125 million in Bitcoin revenue via Cash App, its mobile payments App. This caused a $2 million dollar profit for the company.


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