Weekly Cryptocurrency Bytes – 18th August

This past week saw moves in favour of blockchain technology from the likes of Google and, of course, cryptocurrency, amidst the not so magnificent market moves (blame that on the Chinese Ponzi-scheme, maybe).

Hiring Services Integrates Blockchain

When people want to get hired for a job, they often need to upload their data across various platforms. The blockchain technology would make it easy for people to easily share their information to get hired. 

In an August 14 report, Forbes announced that Moonlighting and Kelly services have come together to integrate blockchain into the human capital space in a strategic partnership between the online hiring platform and the staffing giant. This partnership can be the first step in smoothing the process of making job application via the blockchain.

Blockchain in Music

Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer may be getting a blockchain run for their money.Audius, a blockchain startup is looking to transform the music streaming industry has released its public beta version. 

Audius seeks to take the middlemen out of music streaming so artists get paid their fair share. One way they are doing this is making enabling users of Audius to pay for Audius tokens or earn them by listening to ads.

Colombian Crypto Investors

The past few years have seen an increase in cryptocurrency content on the internet in a bid to educate the populace on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
It appears all that effort if paying off in Colombia.

A recent survey revealed that up to 86.5% of Colombians understand how cryptocurrency works. Even better is that 80% of them are ready to invest in it. But, the best part is 50% of young Colombians have already started investing in cryptocurrency.

With more and more efforts in cryptocurrency education, we can only hope Africa takes steps to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption.

 IBM and TATA on a Blockchain Council

IBM and Tata Communications have joined the governing council of Hedera Hashgraph, a public distributed ledger. Hedera Hashgraph describes this move as a powerful endorsement of its hashgraph consensus mechanism. With this, there’s a more efficient checks and balances system available. And, developers can build on a stable and scalable platform.

The Hedera governing council is aimed at ensuring decentralized and responsible governance for the next-generation of Distributed Ledger Technology platforms.

Google’s Steps to the Blockchain

Google, has entered into a new partnership with a blockchain startup called Cypherium in order to use its product.Cypherium is a highly scalable and robust smart contract platform is focused on scalability and decentralization.

With this new partnership, Google Cloud customers will now have access to a robust and highly scalable full-stack blockchain solution that can allegedly achieve thousands of transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization.


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