Weekly Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bytes – 2nd September

New cryptocurrency and blockchain use cases every other week appears to be the vibe for the last few weeks and we are totally loving it.

Yes, there’s also the news of how Bitcoin price dipped within the past week and we need to acknowledge the role that plays in all of this. You could draw a line from that to revenue projections of $10 billion from blockchain come 2023 and maybe you’ll find a connection somewhere.
Last week also saw how cryptocurrency wallets are coming closer are to you.

With all these, it’s no wonder why more people are jumping on the blockchain technology learning train. In this week’s summary, we will take a look at how blockchain and cryptocurrency made a little extra difference.

China’s Digital Currency

In a Forbes report last week, it was revealed that 7 companies and institutions will be among the first to get access to China’s digital currency.

This is according to Paul Schulte, who formerly worked as head of the China Construction Bank and another anonymous individual who was identified as a part of China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) group.

The 7 institutions that would get access are Alibaba, Tencent, China Construction Bank, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China and Chinese Banking Association Union Pay.

Samsung’s Digital Wallets

Do you use a Samsung mobile phone? What’s the best feature been for you so far?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 comes with a digital wallet that supports up to 33 cryptocurrencies. This means that you can store your cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, TrueUSD and Maker right on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Blockchain’s $10 Billion by 2023

In spite of the 2018 crypto winter, it appears blockchain is well on its way to hit a cumulative revenue of $10 billion dollars by the year 2023.

At least, according to ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, who disclosed this in a recent publication.

Crypto Wallets in Your Browser

Having digital wallets right on your browser just got 2-steps easier.

Brave, a blockchain-based web browser, has revealed that they have a cryptocurrency wallet for Ethereum in the works. This cryptocurrency wallet would be made available right on their browser. Users will now be able to store Ether and other tokens supported by Ethereum on Brave if they wish to. 

Little disclaimer guysss. Brave, advises users to stick to keeping small amounts of crypto on this wallet. Users are also advised to have backups. In addition to this, users will also be responsible for keeping their keys.

Blockchain Education in Universities See an Increase

Ever wonder how you’d have turned out if Blockchain education was integrated into your University education? 
Me too.

Today, the number of universities that include blockchain education in their students’ curriculum may surprise you. A new report has revealed that a whopping percentage of students comprising up to 56% of the top 50 Universities around the world now have blockchain education integrated into their curriculum.

A major reason behind this is that more students have begun to take courses that are in one way or the other related to blockchain technology.

Bank With Bitcoin

How about a Bitcoin banking mobile app?
Bitwala appears to be a step ahead. 

The German blockchain-based banking startup has announced the launch of an app for Bitcoin banking. The new app which would be available on both IOS and Android devices is open to people who live in more than 30 European countries. With the new app, users would be able to open a German bank account that has a Bitcoin wallet integrated in just a few minutes. 

In addition to this, they would also be able to perform trading activities. 


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