Weekly Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bytes – 17th September

What would it feel like to be able to buy everyday items with cryptocurrency? Like the jersey of your favourite club or the music album of your favourite artist. Or even walking into your favourite pizza place and buying your favourite.

The cryptocurrency journey is fast evolving and it sparks some joy in our hearts. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new developments this week.

Watford FC Embraces Bitcoin

English Premier League team, Watford FC, now accepts Bitcoin as payment for merchandise. 

The team would also have the Bitcoin logo printed on the sleeve of the team’s jersey. This is all thanks to a new partnership between the club and sportsbet.io, a Bitcoin betting platform. 

With Bitcoin’s logo printed on the sleeve of a football club’s jersey what can stop cryptocurrency adoption?

Turkish Football Club Launches Fan Token

In another football-related cryptocurrency event, The most successful football club Turkish, Galatasaray has announced the launch of a fan cryptocurrency token. The token is going live in the first quarter of 2020.

The token would be an Ethereum based token and would make it possible for fans to vote in club-delegated polls which means that they’ll vote for or against topics that are posted in the polls.

Some of the expected features for these polls include new official product designs, in-stadium experiences, matchday activities, social media content, sponsorship campaigns and collaborations.

The hope is that the token would help fans get closer to the club they love. 

Is this a yay! or a nay! for you?

Blockchain x Oil

A group of oil giants including Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell have awarded a contract to blockchain startup Data Gumbo. The aim is to pilot Blockchain to lower administrative costs in their field operations while also reducing payment disputes and chances of fraud.

The road to trading oil using crypto doesn’t seem so far away

Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Blok On Blok (BOB) is the world-first fully blockchain-powered smartphone where every bit of data will be executed on the Function X blockchain ecosystem.

With the BOB no centralized service providers will be able to keep users’ data while using their services. This means that calls, text and every digital platform the user accesses will be fully decentralized hence increasing user privacy and security.

So if you want to take your privacy game up a couple notches higher the BOB’s might be the choice for you.

Akon’s thoughts on Crypto 

In a recent radio interview, Grammy award-winning music artist, Akon, seemed pretty cheerful about crypto’s prospects.

In his opinion, the US dollar had nothing significant backing it other than the military strength of the United States. In the interview, Akon also stated that cryptocurrency’s underlying technology, the blockchain, which was a distributed and decentralized system, had so much more to offer than the US dollar.

We are hoping that Akon’s next song would feature a lyric or two on cryptocurrency.


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