Weekly Crypto Bytes – Sitting on Riches

Its been some time since our last industry update and we are back to serve you the top crypto and blockchain from last week that you might have missed.

To start off we got quite a shocker when we watched this CNBC interview of billionaire investor Warren Buffet who said he doesn’t own cryptocurrency.

Prior to last week Justin Sun founder of the Tron, blockchain had dinner with Warren Buffet where Tron supposedly gifted 1 Bitcoin to Buffet. 

But if Buffet says he doesn’t own any crypto what happened to the Bitcoin, Justin gave him?  

Our guess is he probably donated to his charity which is good but the greater part is that in a couple of years this could be Buffet’s own Bitcoin pizza story. 

In the meantime, we will hold off knighting Justin as a crypto champion, even though he believes Bitcoin will pass $100K in 2025.

Sitting on Riches

Now let’s go over to Europe, where the Finnish authorities have been trying to offload a total of 1,666 bitcoin for several years. They had even drawn up a plan in September 2018 for a public auction of the digital coins. But it seems the authorities fear it could be used for money laundering.

They probably have not seen this report that just 0.5% of Bitcoin is used for illicit activity. What can they say about cash?

Out with stocks and in with Crypto

Over on the other side of the Atlantic, American Billionaire and investor, Tim Draper claims to be holding a lot of Bitcoin after pulling his wealth out of the stock markets six months ago.

That’s a bold move but we recommend that you do not try it at home.

Shopify joins Libra

While on the Libra side of things, Shopify announced that it has joined the libra network. For Shopify, joining Libra means that they will be able to help the 1 million merchants on their platform reduce fees, as Libra is designed to move between wallets with zero or nearly-zero fees. 

The e-commerce platform will be contributing at least $10 million to the association as well as operate a node that processes transactions for the stable coin.

UFC collectables

Moving unto the collectibles scene, if you loved CryptoKitties and are one of the UFC’s 314 million fans this could be for you.

Dapper Lab the creators of CryptoKitties has collaborated with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to offer collectible tokens to UFC fans.

The partnership would enable UFC fans to purchase, trade and own UFC-branded collectibles, this could also include fans owning digital versions of their favourite fighters.

Strictly private browsing

Finally, if you are looking to switch your browser to one that’s more privacy-focused according to a study by Dr. Douglas Leigth of Trinity College Dublin the brave browser is right up your lane.

Dr. Leigth’s study compared Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Yandex in terms of how much personal data they share with backend servers. Brave’s default configuration was discovered to be the best of the bunch.

You’re all caught up! Have a story you think we missed, share it with us.


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