USDT Trade Day: 1 Million Naira Up for Grabs!!!

Remember how last week, we said you can now send your USDT as a BEP20 token? That means you will pay less than $2 to send USDT!  We know you can’t wait to try it out ?.

So we’d like to encourage you in our own little way. What would you say if we told you that you can get free money just for trading USDT? And there’s no catch. Awesome right? ? 

We have created a 1 Million Naira reward pool for everyone who trades USDT. ???

Get Paid to buy USDT ?

On Thursday 11th of November between 12:00am and 11:59pm, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who buys or sells at least 5,000 Naira worth of USDT on Quidax will share our 1 million naira reward. We’re not selecting winners so no long story. EVERYBODY who trades USDT on that day will win out of the 1 million Naira.

How to win?

Claim your free money from the reward pool! You earned it ?.

P.S:  You can use the instant buy/sell or the order book exchange to buy/sell USDT. Also, you don’t have to deposit Naira if you already have Naira in your account and this is for just USDT/NGN.

Winners will be rewarded on or before Monday, 15th November 2021.



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