Update Quidaxians: Four New Crypto Coins to Welcome You to Q2

Hey People! We promised you new crypto coins in 2024 and have stood on business by listing over 20 new tokens between January and March. But guess who’s starting Q2 with more coins? 💃 

We are excited to announce that $REACH, $MNT, $BEAM, and $STRK are now live on Quidax 🚀. Now, let’s look at how each token works, and what you should know before investing. 

/Reach ($REACH) – The New Web3 Developer Ecosystem 

As the Web3 ecosystem grows beyond decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms and crypto wallets, more developers are building applications to boost its use cases. 

/Reach is a new Web3 development platform that offers safe, smart, and fast ways for blockchain developers to build literally anything. The Reach platform supports the deployment of gaming decentralised apps (dApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), DeFi protocols, and more. 

The Reach ecosystem currently hosts over 8,000 developers and 12+ blockchain protocols. It has also completed over 230,000 transactions between its launch in December 2023 and April 2024 🤯. So, it’s gaining attraction among Web3 developers and users. 

Similarly, the $REACH token has steadily increased in value since its launch. 

  • The coin has increased by nearly 8% within only 4 months of trading 🌊.  
  • $REACH serves many use cases, including holders’ participation in the platform’s revenue-sharing programme. 

Mantle ($MNT) – Ethereum-Based Scaling Platform 

Mantle is a relatively new Layer 2 scaling platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The network uses its unique technology to process transactions faster and cheaper than Ethereum, and it supports dApps 🔌.

After merging with BitDAO in 2023, the Mantle Network was launched to boost the mass adoption of blockchain applications powered by utility tokens. 

Now, developers can rely on Ethereum’s security while building directly on the Mantle blockchain for more effective performance. This makes the Mantle project promising because of its potential growth in the Web3 developer ecosystem. 

The $MNT crypto coin powers the Mantle Network and has had a solid crypto market run. 

  • The token’s value increased by over 170% between July 2023 and April 2024 📈. 
  • $MNT has risen by over 11% within a week from the time of this post 📊.  

Beam ($BEAM) – The New Gaming Network 

Beam is a blockchain gaming platform that recently launched on the Avalanche blockchain. Merit Circle DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation dedicated to gaming development, owns the Beam gaming network 🎮. 

Merit Circle DAO launched the network in 2023 to transform blockchain game design and user experience. It allows users to access diverse games and trade gaming resources like NFTs. 

Though Beam has a small ecosystem of gaming dApps and tools, the project has gained early popularity among Web3 gaming enthusiasts. The blockchain has over 180 games, which will likely increase as the Beam ecosystem expands 🪴. 

The $BEAM token – used for transactions and other activities on the Beam network – has been attracting investors because of its price growth. 

  • The coin has increased by over 480% since it began trading in 2023 📈. 
  • The token is among the top gaming utility gainers as of April 2024. 

Starknet ($STRK) – Secure Scaling Platform on Ethereum 

Starknet is another Layer 2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum network. The blockchain aims to increase transaction speed and reduce costs for applications that run on Ethereum. 

It allows these dApps to be more efficient and scalable while maintaining the same security that the Ethereum network offers. This results in a much higher transaction speed at lower charges. 

To achieve this, Starknet processes transactions outside the Ethereum chain. After processing, it summarises and stores the transaction history on the blockchain using its Zero-Knowledge STARK (Scalable, Transparent Argument of Knowledge) technology. 

Starkware Industries launched the Starknet blockchain and the $STRK token in 2018. The token is used for network fee payments, staking, and project governance. 

It also trades on exchanges like Quidax, offering investors affordable opportunities in the DeFi market 💸. 

Trade $REACH, $MNT, $BEAM, and $STRK Crypto Coins on Quidax 

To buy and sell any of our newly listed crypto coins on Quidax, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your account on the Quidax app or website.
  • Go to the “Markets” section and search for “REACH,” “MNT,” “BEAM,” or “STRK.”
  • Tap “Buy “REACH,” “Buy MNT,” Buy BEAM,” or “Buy STRK.”
  • Select the “Instant Swap” or “Order Book” trading option.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy and complete the transaction.

Note that these coins are currently available for trading only. Coin prices swing from time to time, so, DYOR and trade responsibly.


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