Update 007: Zero Maker Fees and Limitless Naira Deposit

Here are 3 updates that we released recently and a special shout out to the 007 community. We have named this set of updates 007 for you.
To all the Quidaxians, Thank you for always giving us feedback, we can never say it enough.
Whether its good, bad, or gbas gbos, we love receiving feedback from you in every shape and form they come.

0% Maker Fees

Out with 0.2% maker fees and in with zero fees.
As a maker on Quidax, you pay absolutely zero fees.

BTW: Makers are those who sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via our order book exchange.

Limitless Local Currency Deposit 

We took out the limits on Naira deposits. With this, you can deposit as much 50 million Naira or more, on any day and all day. Don’t worry you can still deposit as low as 200 Naira.

Although to deposit Naira you need to have done Level 2 Account Verification.

Increased Withdrawal Limits

Daily Naira withdrawal limits for Account Levels 3 and 4 have are now way higher.

  • Level 3 has been quadrupled (4x) from 500,000 Naira to 2 million Naira daily.
  • While Level 4 is up several notches from 5 million Naira to 10 million Naira daily.

Finally, it’s time to upgrade your mobile app. We have made a couple bug fixes that would give you a better experience and you would need to upgrade your app to start enjoying it.

Tell us what you think about these updates. You can drop your feedback on Twitter or on any of our social media channels.



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