The Quidax Academy is Live!!: Get Crypto-Certified!

This crypto thing can be really tough and technical. And many people struggle with the same questions about crypto.

What is crypto? How do I buy crypto and keep it safe? What coins am I supposed to even buy? ? 

But learning about crypto can be really long ? and expensive! But that’s all in the past. Say hello to the Beginners Crypto Course from Quidax Academy, the fastest and easiest way to learn about crypto! ?

Who is this Course For? 

This course is for anyone who wants a fast and FREE crash-course on crypto. In 5 quick lessons, we take you through the basics of crypto. This course is for you. It’s also for: 

  • Your parents who have heard about crypto and would like to understand what you do.
  • Your younger siblings and mentees who you’d want to hit the ground running in crypto.
  • Aspiring web3 product managers, developers, marketers, community managers and any other superhero who’s not sure where to start in crypto. 
  • Your employees and coworkers in a company looking to step into the future of financial transactions. 

If you know anyone who’ll benefit from this free short course, share the link to our academy with them. It might be the best gift you give them Soon enough, they’ll be dropping bars about “Satoshis” and “Wallets.”?  

So, What’s In It For Me? 

Anyone who finishes the course will get:

  • ​​A Quidax Academy Course Certificate
  • A Guide with 50 ways to make money from crypto
  • An ebook with 10 profitable strategies for trading crypto
  • An opportunity to join the Quidax talent pool

The first 200 people to sign up will also get: 

  • A guide with 100 websites where people make money from crypto
  • An invite to a webinar where you can ask all your crypto questions

And, the first 100 people will get 500 QDX each, paid into their QDX wallets on Quidax.

Refer 2 Friends and Get Goodies 

If you don’t make the first 200 people but still want the goodies, you can refer 2 people to take this course. 

  • Fill their names in the “I want to refer:” part of your certificate form at the end of the course. 
  • Ask them to take the course within 3 days after you refer them 
  • If they take the course and enter your quidax username on the “who referred you?” part of their form, you’ll get the extra guide with 100 websites where people make money from crypto ?

Yay! So What’s Next?

Finish the course and fill out the form at the end to get your goodies.

Please leave a review on the form so that we can get your feedback. It means so much to us ?.


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