Some Cake on the Moon: PancakeSwap & Safemoon are Now on Quidax!!!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!! ?????????????

Today we give a nod to our roots and everyday heroes ? who make sacrifices to build a better world. The national cake may be too far to reach but our $CAKE isn’t. We’re over the moon because we’ve got some exciting news: 

PancakeSwap ($CAKE) and Safemoon ($SAFEMOON) are now on Quidax and you can start trading them right now!!! ????

Hungry for Some Cake??

The only thing sweeter than a cake is a cake with a dollar sign in front of it. You may know ($CAKE) from its role as the major token of PancakeSwap, the second-largest Defi exchange in the world.  As the famous tagline on their website says, “the moon is made of pancakes” and if that’s where you’re going, then buckle up. Speaking of moons, let’s talk about our second new baby. 

New Moon ?

One of the newer kids on the block, Safemoon ($SAFEMOON) has been making waves since it was created in early 2021. It grew by 1100% between May 2021 and July 2021. Like many other DeFi coins on the Binance Smart Chain, Safemoon is backed by its own exchange. You can buy some on Quidax with either QDX or USDT. Safe trading ? 

Some QDX News You’ve Been Waiting For 

You can now buy QDX with Naira on Quidax!! So if the dollar rate with USDT has stopped you from buying QDX, you’re back on track!

5 New Crypto Pairs ?

You can buy CAKE and SAFEMOON, with either USDT or QDX


And finally ??,


How to Buy $CAKE or $SAFEMOON on Quidax ?

You can buy CAKE or SAFEMOON with USDT and QDX in these simple steps: 

  • Sign into your Quidax account on the Quidax website or mobile app (android/apple store)
  • Click on instant buy & sell, choose CAKE or SAFEMOON (you can do both if you’re in the mood ?)
  • Select the currency to buy with as USDT or QDX depending on what you prefer
  • Enter the amount of CAKE or SAFEMOON you want to buy 
  • Ta-da!! you’re good to go!!?



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