Say Hello To Vouchers: Quicker, Faster Naira Deposits & Withdrawals!

Today, we’re introducing vouchers ? – a new way for Nigerians to deposit and withdraw Naira on Quidax.

Vouchers are a fast, safe and easy way to deposit Naira into your Quidax wallet or withdraw Naira from your Quidax wallet directly to your bank account.

Why Should I Use Vouchers?

With vouchers, you can buy bitcoin on Quidax with your debit card. This means you can use your debit card to fund your Quidax Naira wallet and then buy Bitcoin or any other crypto on Quidax.
Plus, you can also do a direct bank transfer to fund your Naira wallet on Quidax.

We created vouchers to give Quidaxians an additional way to deposit and withdraw Naira ⚡. We partnered with payments company, Penguin Vouchers, to bring this to you.

Our goal is to give you several ways to quickly deposit and withdraw your money.

How Do Vouchers Work? 

You can think of vouchers like buying a recharge card or a gift card (Sorry, Gen Z recharge cards were before your time ? ).
You know how you dial a 12-digit PIN on your phone to load it up with airtime? Well, vouchers work the same way. 

Here’s a video to explain how they work:

How To Deposit Naira On Quidax Using Vouchers




A Few Things To Note

  • When redeeming a voucher do not share your voucher details with anyone (Voucher code, voucher pin)
  • You can deposit and withdraw as low as 5,000 Naira
  • You can use vouchers on the Quidax mobile apps (iOS and android). 



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