Quidaxian of the Month: How Miracle is Saving His Way to a Soft Life in Dollars

Backstory: Like many people, Miracle is navigating adulthood in Nigeria at a time when there are so many ways to plug into the global financial system. From crypto to unique savings plans, the options are endless. Yet, growing wealth is still something that’s a little difficult to figure out. Miracle seems to have cracked the code with Quidax dollar savings so we decided to speak to him sharply and share his story with you. Here’s how that went:

Hi Miracle! Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Miracle and I’m honestly just a regular guy. Like most young people, I enjoy hanging out with friends and making money. Even though I work a full-time job, I try to invest and save to earn interest. Basically, I hustle.

Ah baller! What do you spend the most on?

For my regular expenses, I spend mostly on food, then maybe data. The market is not smiling these days, oh… Everywhere is red when it comes to food. Buying ordinary tomatoes feels like I’m trying to buy a whole lap of chicken. 

Even when I want to take my wife out to eat, it’s like double or triple what I would have spent cooking at home. Food is the most expensive thing I spend on. The prices of tomatoes, spaghetti and rice have shocked me recently because they’ve doubled.

What’s the most expensive item you’ve spent money on in this economy?

It’s not really an item but I got married this year and everyone knows how expensive weddings are 🤯. Traditional, church wedding, reception, ah! I spent a lot of money on the three ceremonies. I also spent a lot of money getting a new apartment. Lagos apartments are expensive!!! Thinking back, I don’t think I bought any expensive item. I just know I spent a lot. The number of people you want to feed multiplied by 3. 

Awesome! Let’s talk about savings. Why do you save in dollars? 

My money has been losing value due to the exchange rate. Saving in dollars helps me protect my money from inflation and also earn interest so I’m winning both ways. 

How did you find out about Quidax USD Savings?

I saw an ad during one of the Big Brother Naija shows, did some research and decided to go for it because saving in dollars is something I’ve always wanted to do.

What’s your favorite Quidax USD favorite savings plan? Flexible or Fixed?

I love the fixed plan. It’s my favorite because the interest rate is higher. You know I’m a typical Ijebu man, so when I saw the rate, I already brought out my calculator!

I also like it because I get tempted to withdraw from my savings and that defeats the purpose of saving money. The fixed plan helps me overcome that temptation. I also like the fact that I can create multiple fixed plans. It helps me to plan for different things like vacations. I also like that there are different durations for the fixed plan. Also, the more I save, the higher the interest rate. 

I still have a flexible plan for daily flexing soooo… 👀

Sharp guy! 😂What’s your advice for people who haven’t jumped on Quidax Dollar Savings?

Look, saving in dollars helps you win both ways. 

It protects your money from going down the drain. My advice to people who haven’t started is that they should not miss out on this cheat code to the bag and they should start, so they can enjoy the benefits.

Earn up to 10% annual interest when you save in dollars on Quidax

You heard the man! Saving in dollars on Quidax is a way to kill two birds with one stone. You get to stay ahead of the exchange rate and still make money in the process. Earn up to 10% annual interest (paid daily, you can start with as low as 5000, and and withdraw easily to your bank account.



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