Quidax Spotlight: 5 Women Rocking the Crypto World

It’s International Women’s Day, and all of us at Quidax HQ celebrate every amazing woman out there 🎉. The world is incomplete without you in it. 

The #IWD2024 theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” This couldn’t be more perfect, considering the drive for more women to get into crypto. But today, we’re highlighting some women-led crypto projects to pay homage to the women who make this space rock despite all odds 💫. 

1. Tavonia Evans (Guapcoin)

You’ve probably heard of Guapcoin ($GUAP) or traded it in the past. But what you didn’t know is that the coin was founded by a woman called Tavonia Evans. Now, you do 😉.  

The US-based entrepreneur, web developer, and crypto expert uses the Guapcoin project to create awareness about the black community. Guapcoin shows the importance of black people, especially African immigrants, to global finance.  


2. Joyce Kim (Stellar)

Stellar ($XLM) is another coin you have probably traded but didn’t know a woman created. Joyce Kim co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation, which owns $XLM. Just so you know, you can trade $XLM on Quidax, and the coin is up by over 15% in the last 7 days 📈. 

Moving on… Joyce is currently the company’s executive director, and she uses the project to preach the gospel that all humans, should have financial access.


3. Olayinka Odeniran (Black Women Blockchain Council)

Olayinka Odeniran is a Nigerian woman shaking things up in the global crypto space. She’s the founder of Black Women Blockchain Council, a community-driven project that trains black women on tech and blockchain technology. 

She also owns CyberSecWatch, a cybersecurity firm that offers cybersecurity consulting to small businesses. Due to her pretty cool achievements, CoinTelegraph listed Olayinka Odeniran as one of the top 10 women making a difference through crypto in 2021. 


4. Sarah Idahosa (Women in DeFi)

Sarah Idahosa is another Nigerian woman doing great stuff in the African crypto space. She is the founder of Women in DeFi, a non-profit organisation educating female Africans on blockchain technology and decentralized-finance. 

She’s also a Web3 community builder with the goal of leading the next generation of African women in the crypto space. 


5. Someh Crypto (Felbeth)

Someh Crypto is a crypto influencer and content creator. Someh is a popular figure in the Nigerian crypto community, especially on Twitter. 

Besides being one of the ecosystem’s top voices, Someh is the founder of Felbeth, a crypto education platform that trains people looking to enter the Web3 and blockchain space. She also drives crypto adoption in Africa, especially Nigeria. 


More Women are Coming to Crypto ♀️

Despite the challenges, African women are changing the narrative that crypto is for men only. These projects highlight some standup African women bringing more women into crypto at a time when men have the biggest market share. Watch your back, guys 👀!

Hopefully, more women will join the crypto wave this year to show the world that crypto is for everyone 🫂! Quidax is also championing inclusion and you have a free invite to the party. Join our #WomenWhoInspire competition and get cool cash rewards 🤑. Get all the details here.


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