The New Quidax is Here!!! New App, Who Dis?

We created a new Quidax app and it’s all about you ?. Here’s its story: 

You’ve been with us from day 1 and it’s been the best time of our lives. You’ve helped us to see what we could be doing better and how we could make the crypto experience better for you because you deserve it.
You deserve the easy life and that’s why you can now download the new Quidax app from the App Store or Google Play Store. We hope you get the simple, clean, and fun feeling we have in store for you.

Why the Change?

From our people to our products, our vibe at Quidax is to keep improving. If we’ve done it before, we can make it better. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback, good and bad and we’re grateful for it. We have taken this feedback and made it the foundation of what we do. 

One of our favourite things to do is spread the word about crypto. So we needed an app simple enough for anyone to use without feeling like they don’t belong in the crypto space. We always preach that crypto can be simple. But today, we would like to show you what we mean.   

What’s New?

Simple and clean screens with everything you need at a glance. So if you’re new to this, don’t worry. It’s the simplest payment app you’ve ever used. No complicated graphs and numbers here. Some other new features include:


Key Features of the New Quidax App

The new features of the app include:

1. Instant Swap

With Instant Swap, you can buy or sell crypto easily at the current market price.

2. Price Alerts

Set alerts that notify you when a coin you like goes higher or lower than a specific price. 

3. Learn

Learn new crypto words and how to do many exciting things in the learn section (Settings → Learn).

4. QDX Vault

You can now stake your QDX and earn other cryptocurrencies for free.

5. Markets

Check market gist like the latest prices, and which coins are rising or falling.

6. Quidbits

See how to deposit, withdraw, send, and receive funds (naira, or crypto) on Quidax from your home screen.

Face ID/App Pin: Unlock your Quidax app with a simple 4-digit pin.

Our New Brand

If you’ve seen our Instagram, you may have guessed it ?. Yes, our brand and website got a facelift too! Tweet us @quidaxglobal and let us know what you think about our new look ? . We are dying to hear from you!

The brand redesign is a part of our mission to switch up our look. We’re already bringing a new app, so why not change the way we look as well? Now, Quidaxians can engage with a brand that they’ll be proud to represent outside. You know how we do.

One of the many brand items we have changed is our logo. There’s a brand new Quidax logo ?.

The Big Reveal

As part of our next step, we now have a special Quidaxian on the team. Major clue: it’s someone you know and love. Even though we’re dying to, we won’t spill the beans just yet ?. But we promise you’ll love this Quidaxian’s vibe ?? . You can keep up with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you’ll be the first to see that announcement.

What Else is Happening?

Quidax Pro: Coming Soon!

For now, the new Quidax app gives you a simple version of crypto for basic things like buying and selling. There’s no order book yet so you’ll have to use the order book on the old app (Quidax Classic). It’s still on the Google Play Store and App Store

We are working on a pro version of the new app and it’ll be coming to an app store near you soon! ??

New Quidax, New KYC 

Recently, we made a few changes to our know-your-customer (KYC) verification methods. The changes have improved our KYC methods, so every Quidaxian can now enjoy a better experience when they use the app. 

The new KYC system is now live, and you can read all about it in this sweet post. Happy verification!


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