Quidax Coin Listing Tips

At Quidax, our goal is to become the leading crypto hub for Nigerians and Africans who want to find top-quality coins easily. 

Before we list a token, we do thorough checks to ensure only quality projects get to our customers. Are you building a crypto project with a great token? 

Here are some tips for listing your coin on the Quidax Exchange.

1. Apply using our online application form. This is the ONLY way to apply for coin listing on Quidax. The application Form is open to both token projects that are already in circulation or those that are yet to be issued, and early stage projects.

2. Provide detailed information about your project in the form

3. Only the project founder or CEO should fill the application form. Why? We’d like to speak to/connect with a project’s key team members if the need arises. There’s a strong likelihood that you won’t hear from us after submitting your application. This doesn’t mean your application isn’t being reviewed. 

4. While waiting on our feedback, informing us and the public of your periodic project progress will help a great deal. This is important even after a successful listing on Quidax. 

5. Being responsive and professional during our review process can help speed up the process. 

Contact with Quidax 

If your project successfully passes our first review, someone from our team will contact you. 

6. We will only reach out to you via the email [email protected]. Any other email is not from us and likely a scam.

7. Please, ensure you only submit the form using our Listing Application link or the provided link on our website. But double check the domain name to verify you’re not on a phishing site. 

8. If we contact you about the listing on Telegram or other channels, verify that the person you’re talking to is a legitimate Quidax representative via this link.

9. Initial contact from us doesn’t mean listing is confirmed. Usually, it’s our review team’s process of asking additional questions about your project. 

10. A strict, one-way NDA at the first point of contact is mandatory. 

11. We reject project teams disclosing listing information to the public before our official announcement. 

12. Rest assured anyone claiming to be our “Partner” or “Listing Agent” is illegitimate or violating their NDA agreement with us. So, their actions are null and void. 

Now to Evaluation

As stated earlier, our goal is to list coins with proven team members, convincing use cases, and a significant user base. Besides these, we don’t have any tough requirements.

13. If you don’t have at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), please don’t apply for our listing. The application will not pass the first screening stage. 

14. Prioritise user adoption. Projects with a decent number of users are valuable, and that’s the easiest way for us to gauge it. So, include the project’s data in your application form to improve your listing chances. 

15. Our communication process is a significant part of the project evaluation. A team with poor or unprofessional communication will be negatively affected. We also evaluate how the team handles communication and difficult situations within its community. 

16. Spreading FUD or negative comments to “pressure” Quidax into listing your coin has repercussions. This will result in your project being blacklisted. 

17. While we understand rallying for support, we don’t support pushing your community to blame or attack another individual or project. Any existence of such activities may negatively impact your application. 

Here are some things you shouldn’t do while your application is under review

  1. Don’t ask our CEO or executives about the status of your application
  2. Don’t DM or ask us for a contact person. Our review team doesn’t meet with project leads to avoid biassed decisions or potential bribery attempts. 
  3. Don’t shill your coins to us or our executives on social media. Instead, let your project team provide regular updates through our listing application form. Consistent updates will help the review process. 
  4. Don’t send us your whitepaper to appeal a rejected application. We believe your project may improve over time. So, if we don’t list it now, we can in the future. Instead of persuading us, just keep working. 

In conclusion, there are hundreds of pretty great coins out there that are yet to be listed on Quidax. These include the ones you may have invested in, currently hold, or your favourite coins you’d love to trade on Quidax. 

While we appreciate your interest, protecting our customers remains top priority, which is why we have a stringent assessment process that may take a while. All hands are on deck to improve our current processes so that we can review and list new coins even quicker. 

We appreciate your continued patience, understanding, and support, and we hope to receive your listing application soon. 


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