QDX on BSC is Sold Out!!! ?? Here’s What’s Next

We did it, everyone ???

Together, we launched QDX and we sold out in 48 hours on the worst day of crypto this year.

Thank you to everyone who believed in the potential of our ecosystem. We couldn’t have done it without our ever-supportive community.

GOAL: The Home of BEP20 Tokens

With the successful launch of QDX, we’re positioning to become the home of BEP20 tokens for two main reasons:

  • To bring the Binance Smart Chain and broader DeFi ecosystem to our customers. 
  • To give new and promising projects a way to reach their intended customers and community.

QDX Roadmap: What’s Next for QDX?

QDX will officially be listed on JulSwap and Quidax where it can be traded by Sunday, 23rd May.

But before you think of selling QDX here’s the roadmap of what to expect ??.

Also, in the coming weeks and months, staking QDX will qualify you for airdrops from some of your favourite tokens.

RoadMap Details Timelines
JulPad Start Date Launch of QDX Sale on JulPad. 19 May
Quidax Customer Engagement QDX will be open to all Quidax customers from 6PM UTC (Web first and mobile next). 21 May
JulPad End Date The QDX sale ends on JulPad. 23:00 UTC -22 May
Token Claim from JulPad and Quidax App Token buyers can now claim tokens on JulPad and on the Quidax Platform. 23 May
Token Listing QDX tokens will become tradable on JulSwap and Quidax.com. 23 May

But that was all pre-launch. Here’s what our post-launch roadmap looks like:

RoadMap Details Timelines
BNB Listing on Quidax Yes, we’re listing BNB (Bep 20). It’s going to be a party! May 2021
DOGE Listing on Quidax Next, we’re letting the Doge out with Dogecoin listing ?. June 2021
QDX Vault Launch Our customers will be able to stake their QDX and earn rewards for every token we list. That’s more than 200 tokens coming to the Quidax Exchange. June 2021
SHIB Listing and Airdrop QDX Vault ‘stakers’, get ready for the next Airdrop. 2021
JulD/JULb Snapshot We’ll have a snapshot for our JulD/JulB – holders to see that they qualify for the airdrop. 2021
Quidax Customers Airdrop Distribution Quidax customers: it’s time to claim your airdrop in your Quidax wallet. June 2021
JulD/JulB holders Airdrop Distribution JulD/JulB holders will be able to claim their airdrops by downloading the Quidax app and submitting their JulD/JulB address. 2021
Trading Fees with QDX Use QDX to pay for fees on the exchange. 2021
Quidax First TOKEN BURN 2% of all Tokens earned via transaction fees on the Quidax exchange will be burnt every quarter. 2021
Quidax is 3 Quidax turns 3 ? August 2021
Quidax Self-Service Listing Binance Smart Chain projects can access our user base via a self-service listing. 2021
Quidax 2.0 Launch We have an app rebrand coming up!!! 2021
Merchant Payment Gateway Quidax APIs will now be available to over 1million online stores to help them collect payments via any cryptocurrency listed on Quidax. 2022
Moonshot (Quidax LaunchPad) The Quidax LaunchPad will provide a gateway to funding for blockchain projects via the Quidax platform. This will be open to QDX Vault members. 2022
Quidax EARN This is a DEFI product that brings the power of decentralized finance to our customers. 2022
Quidax NFT Marketplace Quidax NFT Marketplace will be the largest NFT marketplace in Africa at launch with the goal of bringing the power of NFTs to the people 2022
Quidax SWAP Quidax Decentralized Exchange launches. 2022

Now that You Have QDX, How Do You Claim it?

If you bought QDX on Julpad and haven’t received it, you will be able to access it using the decentralized wallet (Trust Wallet or Metamask) you used to buy QDX.

How to Claim the QDX You Bought on JulPad

  1. Go to Julpad.com.
  2. Connect the wallet you used to buy QDX.
  3. Next, click on claim QDX.
  4. Then your QDX will appear in the Decentralized wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet etc) you connected.

How to Claim the QDX You Bought on Quidax

  • If you bought QDX on Quidax, your QDX will already be in your Quidax wallet.

Don’t forget to join our QDX token community, follow us on social media, and check out our website using the links below for updates ?

Quidax Token: Quidax.com/QDX

QDX Token Community (Telegram): https://t.me/QDXToken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuidaxGlobal

Facebook: https://facebook.com/QuidaxGlobal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quidaxglobal/

Quidax Global Community (Telegram):  https://t.me/QuidaxGlobal


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