QDX Can Now Be Traded on Quidax and JulSwap!!

QDX is now listed on Quidax!!!!!! ??

If you’ve been following us for the past week, you know what we’ve been about – QDX. We’ll let you in on a secret: QDX is going to change everything for you.

But first, here’s what happened last week: the public sale of QDX where it was listed at a discount price sold out?.

If you missed out on the public sale you’ll still be able to trade the token on both Quidax and JulSwap ??. This means that you’ll be able to trade and hold it.

To trade on the Quidax website hit these links;

You can also download the Quidax mobile app to buy/sell QDX on Quidax with USDT and Naira.

Additionally you can trade on Julswap.

What Happens When You Hold QDX?

The short answer: A whole lot!

The long answer is that you’ll be able to:

  • Stake your QDX: QDX vault allows you to earn free cryptocurrencies (through airdrops) as we list new coins. But you’ll only be able to get this free cryptos when you lock (stake) your QDX in the QDX vault.
  • Spend less on fees: Spend about 50% less on fees when you have QDX. You know we won’t leave you without freebies ?.
  • Use our new financial products: QDX will give you access to several financial products coming to the Quidax ecosystem, including loans and savings. Watch this space for more deets! ?.
  • Vote on Quidax-related matters: With QDX, you can vote on special decisions concerning our products. You’ve got the power now!?

The bottom line is that we’ve created a roadmap that will make sure you have many ways to use the token. It’s a token you actually get to use as you hold it. 

We’re itching to share more updates with you so keep watching this space?.
You can check our roadmap to see some of the things we have planned. Also, if you bought QDX from Julpad or Quidax during the public sale here’s how to claim it.

And remember, this train isn’t stopping anytime soon. Choo-Choo! ??.


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