On The Couch With Quidax: Money, Life and Shoutouts

First of all, it’s been a while. 

But “On The Couch With Quidax” is back 🍾! Now, you’ll be seeing us talking more to the humans at Quidax whose doings keep everyone going. 

Today, say hello to Florence (AKA Kiki). She’s on the fiat operations team at Quidax, ensuring that Quidaxians have the best support. 

Florence spends a lot of time working with the customer service team, and she was really fun during our session. Read on to get the whole tea ⬇️. 

If you didn’t have to work a day in your life, what would you be doing? 

Hmmn. Living life…sleeping…eating. Haq haq haq!

Bitcoin or Ethereum? 

Hmmn. Bitcoin. I mean, that’s more money. *women and money. Hmmm*

Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram! I love pictures and videos. Twitter is too serious. You say what?! 

What do you enjoy most about being on the fiat ops team?

What I enjoy most is ensuring our users have an overall good experience with our products and services. That is by ensuring all our fiat platforms work optimally. Oshey problem solver

1 QDX daily for one month or N20,000 at once?

1 QDX daily. *flips hair*

If money wasn’t an issue, which coin would have the largest share of your portfolio?

Bitcoin. BTC! You even called the two names. You like money too much. 

Shout out to anyone who makes your life easy

Shoutout to God for strength. Shoutout to my teammates, Pelumi, Amanda, Annie, and Mike for being amazing. Awww. God when?

And shoutout to my food delivery plug *** for support and strength. 

Wait. Did I say support? Aunty, bye bye. 

And guys, that’s the end of today’s episode of “On the Couch With Quidax.” See you next time!


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