News Roundup: Will You Buy LUNA 2.0?

Children’s Day was last week and if there’s something we miss, it’s getting rewarded for just being a kid. These days, nobody is dashing anybody money anymore. Sigh? 

Talking about rewards, we’re rewarding everyone who brings their friends to join Quidax. Get the juicy details here, but first, here’s what went down last week in crypto.

Crypto Finds A Home In The Balenciaga House

It’s another huge win for crypto adoption, people!  Balenciaga announced that they will begin accepting crypto payments at some of their stores ?.  Crypto payments at Balenciaga will start next month. They plan to accept only Bitcoin and Ethereum for now. This offer is available only in the US and we expect the fashion house to extend its offer to other countries and add more crypto options soon✌?.

Terra Update: Burn-1 Fork-0

#TeamBurn finally wins as the community voted to burn a large amount of UST from its community pool. This means that Terra will destroy Luna tokens instead of forking, that is, creating a new version of the current blockchain. Would you buy LUNA if a new version was created?

American Lawmakers Not Feeling China’s Digital Yuan 

Three senators in the United States introduced a bill to ban China’s national digital currency from US app stores. They called it “Defending Americans from Authoritarian Digital Currencies Act” .

Their worry is that the currency could be used to spy on Americcans’ financial transactions. Are they just scared or is this regular America-China beef? ?

Elon Musk To The Rescue! 

Elon Musk has been doing a lot for Dogecoin this year. In January, he fulfilled his promise by allowing Tesla to accept DOGE for merch payments. Last week, the Dogefather confirmed that SpaceX – his other company – will do the same. 

DOGE merch payments are expected to come to Starlink subscribers soon enough, and we can’t wait. Now, let’s see who accepts DOGE for payments next. 

Note to Self: Find someone who loves you as much as Elon Musk loves Dogecoin. 

World Bank Isn’t Showing Crypto Love

The World Bank has said they can’t fund the planned “Sango” crypto hub and it seems they don’t endorse the adoption of Bitcoin in the Central African Republic.  Sango is the country’s first legal hub for everything crypto, especially businesses that trade crypto.

Even though there was an official document that says that the country got approval for a millions of dollars in funding from The World Bank,The World Bank said the money is for something else. So, who’s lying?


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