News Roundup: We’re Thankful For You

Last week, many of us gathered around with our families to enjoy Thanksgiving ?. But, amongst everything that’s happened this year, we’re especially thankful for you…. Yes, you reading this! ? 

Besides the sweet turkey and amazing memories, the market hit some additional milestones last week. Let’s see what went down.  

A Day in South Park ?

You guys know it’s always a party when crypto gets referenced in pop culture. Last week, we got another shoutout. South Park, one of the most popular animated series of all time, mentioned Bitcoin in its most recent episode. The episode showed someone paying for a hotel reservation in Bitcoin, and the hotel receptionist praising cryptocurrencies in general. It’s pretty accurate, of course – some people already pay for hotels using crypto. 

Look It Up ?

Last week, the Collins Dictionary presented its ten-word annual shortlist for 2021. The shortlist features some of the most popular words to be searched in the dictionary throughout the year. For 2021, “NFT” was the top choice. Everyone’s been getting rich off non-fungible tokens (NFTs), so more people want to know what they are. Other popular words on the list include “crypto” and “metaverse.”

BTC for OBJ ?

Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) is one of the most popular players in the NFL. The wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams gets as much buzz for his style as he gets for his awesome touchdowns. Last week, OBJ said on Twitter that he will take all of his salary for 2021 in Bitcoin ?. It’s Bitcoin season, and OBJ just got plugged!

Real Estate is Booming ?

Last week, Axie Infinity – one of the most popular NFT games – announced that a plot of land in the game sold for 550 ETH. At the time of the sale, the land went for about $2.3 million – the largest sum ever paid for a piece of virtual real estate ?. It’s another popularity point for Axie Infinity – a game so hot that some people earn their living off it. Talk about a flex. 

Just Build It ✔️ 

If you’re a fan of crypto and Nike kicks, then you’ll love this one. Last week, Nike launched Nikeland – a virtual world where users can connect, share, and compete in sports experiences. Nike wants to build a world where people can become more active and enjoy sports even more with their loved ones. Next time you want to go for a run, why not try it here? 


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