News Roundup: Wayyyyyyy Up

You know what time it is? Time for us to shout our favourite phrase ever: New All-Time High!!!

Yeah, last week was what we’ve come to expect from crypto. Breathtaking prices, people being creative, and what goes down coming back up. So without wasting any time, here’s how last week went. Enjoy!

Wayyyyyy Up!!

Bitcoin is back like it never left. Okay so maybe not completely back but definitely moving up fast. When it comes to Bitcoin, what goes down must come up, rings true. But the struggle has been real. After the rush of January, Bitcoin fell back to about $48,000 but is back up to $57,000 (28.2 million naira). Hopefully, it’s about to be a great week.

The ‘Baddest’ Coin on ETH

Ethereum isn’t playing with anyone. We caught that movement from 1.2 million to 1.7 million in the blink of an eye. At the beginning of the month, we added a report saying that ETH could surprise everyone by the end of May. Looks like we’re at the beginning of that ride. So grab an umbrella because it’s raining gains this week ☔️.

Crypto Cuppy

Yes, you guessed it, DJ Cuppy has come out with her own crypto called CuppyCoin. According to one of her recent tweets, she launched it on Bitclout, a coin listing platform and crypto social network. The coin is selling at a current price of $1,620 and Cuppy posted on Bitclout that its price will double. Awesome right?!


XRP had mega plans before it fell into this SEC issue but it seems like those plans are still on track. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of Japanese financial firm SBI Group, confirmed that Ripple is still driving towards becoming a public company after the SEC issue is resolved in court. This could take XRP exactly where it needs to go. And you know what? It’s about time. 

Hotel Stay: The Crypto Way

Looking to stay in Lagos but can’t be bothered to change your money from Bitcoin? There’s a cozy place that has decided that you shouldn’t bother paying in Naira. George Residences, a group of short-lets apartments in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, now accepts Bitcoin payments. So if you’ve been making some shmoney on those trades and want to chill a little, you know what to do.


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