News Roundup: ‘Tis the Season of Love

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, people! ? We know you lovebirds treated yourselves to something nice yesterday. And, if you don’t have a special person yet, well know this: we love you ?. 

Before we recap all the Valentine’s Day plans, we also got a lot of love from the market last week. Let’s check out who or what made the biggest headlines. 

Crypto List Incoming! ?

Crypto companies are swimming in money, and they’d like everyone to know it. Don’t believe us? Just check out Binance. On Thursday, the exchange bought a huge stake in Forbes Magazine worth $200 million! ?

The investment works for everyone. Forbes gets funding as they prepare to go public, and Binance hopes Forbes can help educate more newbies about crypto. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a Crypto List soon ?. 

Crypto Papi ?

Your favorite celebrities are jumping on the crypto bandwagon, and the train isn’t stopping soon. The latest to join the club? None other than Drake! ?

Last week, Drake said on Instagram that he bet a whopping $1.3 million in Bitcoin on the Super Bowl ?. Drake bet on the Los Angeles Rams, and they eventually won the game! Looks like the Champagne Papi is now Crypto Papi.  

An Apple A Day ?

So Apple has been flirting with crypto for a while now. This Valentine season, they decided to show us some love finally! ?Last week, the tech giant unveiled Tap to Pay – an upcoming feature that allows iPhone users to make payments from their phones. 

This means that unless Apple directly bans it, iPhone users will be able to use their mobile phones to pay with crypto as well! ? 

Here Comes the Bride ?

Everyone’s been exploring the metaverse and attending concerts or playing games. Well, last week, one Arizona couple decided to kick things up a notch and get married there ?. 

Ryan and Candice Hurley – two lovebirds from Arizona – made history last week as they had the first metaverse wedding. The couple tied the knot in Decentraland, in front of over 2,000 virtual guests and officials. Talk about a destination wedding! ?️ 

Eat, the Metaverse Way ?

Speaking of metaverse milestones, it looks like McDonald’s is also getting in on the action. After they stylishly refused to accept DOGE for payments weeks ago, McDonald’s now wants to take its business into the metaverse ?.Last week, McDonald’s submitted a patent application for a “virtual restaurant” that will deliver both real and virtual food ?. We don’t know how this restaurant will work, but it looks like the people at McDonald’s are cooking something nice. See what we did there?


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