News Roundup: The Second Half Is Underway!

We’re finally in the second half of the year! ? Looks like just yesterday when we were all giving our Bitcoin predictions for the end of 2022. What do you think? Is there still time for your prediction to come through? ?

One last time, let’s look at some of the major market headlines that capped off the first half of 2022.

The Whales Are Still Swallowing BTC ?

Even with coin pisces dropping, some of the biggest market whales are still scooping up BTC at every chance they get!

Last week alone, MicroStrategy bought another 480 BTC for $10 million ?. The government of El Salvador bought the dip too, adding 80 BTC to its balance sheet. When these guys say “buy the dip,” they back it up! ? 

Axie Is Ready To Bounce Back ?

When Axie Infinity lost $612 million in a hack, most people thought our favorite blockchain game was donezo ?. Well, it looks like we thought wrong. 

Axie Infinity is back, and they’re ready to get kicking again. They announced a plan to relaunch the Ronin bridge that got hacked, and they’re even reimbursing users who lose money. Axie isn’t going anywhere! ?

The GOAT Is Now In Web3 ?

If you’re a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, get in here! The GOAT is about to step into Web3 ?, and he’s doing it in partnership with Binance. 

The multi-year partnership between Ronaldo and Binance will aim to bring more football fans into Web3 ⚽. CR7 will launch several NFT collections exclusively on Biancne NFT, with the first one expected to come out this year.

Solana Is Launching A Phone! ?

Talk about a crypto expansion! Last week, Solana Labs – the developers of the Solana blockchain – announced that they would release a branded phone! ?

The Solana Saga will be an Android phone that will allow users to easily go in and come out of Web3. You’ll be able to play several popular games with it and even mint an NFT if you want! ?

Attention, OpenSea Users! ?

If you use OpenSea to buy NFT, this is an important one for you. Last week, OpenSea announced that their Email service had been hacked and all of their customers’ Email addresses were leaked ?. 

If you’re an OpenSea user, hackers might try sending phishing Emails to you. Please be sure to stay extra careful right now ?. If you get any Email from OpenSea, double check to make sure it’s legit. Stay safe, people!


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