News Roundup: Still Marching On

The Ukraine conflict is still going on, but the market at least gave us a reason to smile last week as coin prices jumped ?. So, it wasn’t all bad. 

On the news front, things were pretty lowkey. Looks like we were all smiling at our wallets. After the weeks we’ve had, we definitely deserve some love right now ?. So, who’s been rocking the news cycle? Let’s take a look: 

Metaverse Nation ?

Everyone wants to go into the metaverse. But, instead of waiting for tech companies to take us there, South Korea’s government wants to bring the entire country into the metaverse! ?

Last week, South Korea’s Ministry of Technology said that it had invested over $180 million to create a national metaverse! ? Very soon, all South Koreans will be able to hop into this dimension and enjoy awesome experiences. Check out the jealousy on everyone else’s faces.

Shopping Season Starts Now! ?️

Looking for somewhere to spend your coins as you shop? Well, eBay might have something cooking soon ?. Last week, eBay’s CEO said that they’ve been working to bring crypto payments to the platform for a while now. 

The CEO added that they’ll have an announcement on crypto payments this month. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait in excitement for now ?. 

Get Paid Like The Cool Kids ?

Crypto salaries are the latest trend in the world right now ?. More people would like to ditch cash and get paid in crypto because they think it’s a better way to invest their earnings. 

Last week, a report showed that the number of people who want to get paid in crypto has been increasing by 10% every month since November 2020 ?. Very soon, you could also get paid in crypto like the cool kids. 

Joining The Fun ⚽

Manchester United and Manchester City made big headlines last month with their blockchain and metaverse partnerships. So, FC Barcelona decided to join the fun and blow everyone away! ?

Last week, FC Barca’s president confirmed that they’re working towards launching non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their very own metaverse! ?Imagine watching a Barca match in a metaverse – that’s a big flex. 

To Ban Or Not to Ban? ??

All through last week, we saw different crypto platforms banning Russians and cutting off access to the country because of the Ukraine conflict ?. But, not everyone is on board with this banning spree. 

Some people have criticized the crypto platforms banning Russia because it’s not in line with the values of the blockchain. If the blockchain is open to us all, then everyone should have access to it. Or what do you think? ?


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