News Roundup: Stay By The Phone

It was a banging week at the Quidax HQ ?. Some of your favorite celebrities have gotten #TheQuidaxCall, and you could get one too! Also, we’re still getting awesome reviews for our Quidax Crypto Academy ?. If you see a Quidaxian anywhere, give them a high 5!

But we took time from the celebrations to check out what has been going on elsewhere in the market. So, here’s the biggest gist from the cryptoverse: 

The Ripple Effect ?‍⚖️

So Ripple Labs and the United States SEC have been in a legal fight for over a year now ?. The SEC sued Ripple for securities fraud in December 2020, and both partners have been fighting it out in court since. 

We stopped by to check on the case last week, and it seems Ripple is doing pretty well. The court denied an SEC motion, and Ripple’s CEO called it a “big win” ?. The case isn’t over yet, but it’s nice to see Ripple handling things well. Anyone want some XRP? ? 

Cooler Than Business School ?

Thinking of learning more about money? Why not do it in the Metaverse? ? Last week, HSBC – one of Europe’s oldest banks – became the latest big name to enter the Metaverse. 

HSBC’s new metaverse office hopes to partner with sports and entertainment brands around the world. Also, they plan to teach as many people as possible about money and financial literacy ?. Why go to business school when you can learn about money in the metaverse?

One Good Turn ?

Ever since Russia’s invasion, the Ukrainian government has gotten over $100 million in crypto donations ?. So President Zelenskyy decided to just let crypto run free in the country. 

Last week, the President signed a bill legalizing crypto in Ukraine ?. The bill classifies cryptocurrencies as legal in the country, so crypto-loving Ukrainians can spend their coins more freely. Now, let’s focus on making peace in Ukraine!

Do It For The Gram ??

Social media platforms have been using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) one way or the other for months. Instagram doesn’t want to be left out, so they’re joining the party as well ?. 

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg said that they’re working round the clock to bring NFTs to Instagram. Zuck has not dropped spoilers for anyone yet ?, but the little bit he said last week was enough. We’re anticipating! ?

The Game Won’t Stop ?

GameStop saw that everyone is doing some cool stuff with NFTs, and they said, “old our beer.”? Even though they made their name selling games, GameStop just can’t pass up the NFT pie. So last week, the company announced that it will also launch a full NFT marketplace ?. We’re not sure if an NFT marketplace will help GameStop’s revenues, but hey; it’s a win for the crypto space still!


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