News Roundup: Smiling to the Bank

If you’ve got crypto right now, you probably had a great weekend ?. Coins are green everywhere ?, and investors are confident again. This is the type of news we want to see, baby!?

So, what else happened over the week? Let’s take a look: 

Who Wants to Go Shopping? ?

We’re all still waiting for Amazon’s cryptocurrency ⏰. But, at least we’ve got Shopify to look forward to. Last week, Binance Pay partnered with Alchemy Pay to bring crypto payments to Alchemy’s clients ?. Since Shopify is an Alchemy Pay partner, its customers will now be able to pay for products online using over 40 cryptocurrencies! Yay ?.  

Naija to the World! ??

Remember when the Central Bank tried to sideline crypto in Nigeria? ? Data from Google Trends shows that Nigeria still has the highest search interest for “Bitcoin” in the world. We’re also the world’s second-largest market for P2P Bitcoin trading ?. Alexa, play Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down,” please ?.  

Going to London ??

Last week was a pretty huge one for Ethereum as the London hard fork went live ?. The hard fork brought several new features to the Ethereum blockchain. It is another check as Ethereum works towards its Ethereum 2.0 upgrade ✅. So far, everyone says the hard fork was a success. Plus, ETH just crossed $3,000 for the first time since May. Win, win ?

A DOGEy Purchase ?

If you’re a crypto fan and would like to buy a house, then maybe head over to Utah ?. Scott Paul, a marketing entrepreneur in the state, is putting his house up for sale. The lovely home is going for $399,000, but you could get a smashing 10% discount if you pay using Dogecoin ?. Paul says he’s been a crypto fan since 2015. Now, he’s putting his money where his mouth is ?.

Coming Soon: MiamiCoin ?

Miami’s mayor has been a crypto fan for a while. Now, he’s pushing for the city to become the first to launch a cryptocurrency ?. MiamiCoin will be the first “citycoin” to launch, and Miami’s government hopes to use it for pretty much everything – trading, payments, and civic engagement ?. The coin hasn’t launched yet, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it ?.


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